What To Wear with Doc Martens Men


What To Wear with Doc Martens Men

What To Wear with Doc Martens Men

Doc Marten’s shoes come in different styles; we have oxford doc martens, chukka boot Doc Marten’s, and classic Doc marten’s boots. Even though these shoes are durable, it is not easy to find nice looking doc martens for men. Maybe for women, they have cute colorful doc martens. Since these boots differ in style, also the way to style them differs. For example, you can wear doc martens with skinny jeans, denim shorts and baggy jeans.

Doc Marten’s are made by a British company (based originally on a German idea) and these boots were traditionally worn as a solid work boot.

Later they were made popular in the Punk Rock movement of the 1960’s (Pete Townshend of The Who loved his Doc Marten’s), with a resurgence again in the early 1990’s.


More recently Doc Marten’s have been made popular with the like of Myley Cyrus wearing a pair of Doc Marten’s in her “Wrecking Ball” video.


Today on Olixe, I have compiled a list of the best doc martens for men, however, i have featured only two stores (DMUSASTORE / ZAPPOS/ AMAZON) because other shoe stores online don’t have nice doc martens for men.

NOTE: Links to stores where you can buy these Dr.Marten’s shoes for men are listed at the end of this post.


  1. 1. Dr. Martens 1460

Doc Martens 1460 classic 8 Hole

Doc Martens 1460 classic 8 Hole – Buy it at Amazon



These boots might look just like any other boot you might know of, but they actually have something unique. They are made from the finest quality full grain leather which is heavy but light when you wear the boots. They also feature DR.Marten’s yellow stitches to make sure the sole is well attached and firm. Its air cushioned sole makes the boots light and easy to wear the all day. You can wear these boots on weekends with most casual trends.

So, let’s see what you can wear with these brown Dr. Martens 1460 boots:

Tip 1: Since they reach stop just above the ankle, you can team them with relaxed leg jeans, or narrow leg jeans. For those who want to tuck in jeans with boots, I suggest you opt for the narrow leg jeans because they will add less weight on the bottom.

Tip 2: Skinny chino pants will also look good with these Dr.Marten’s boots, to look fashionable, you can tuck in the skinny chinos with these boots, and then wear a denim shirt and a brown casual belt to complement the boots.


  1. 2.

    Dr. Martens 8053 Lace-Up

When it comes to this Dr. Martens Men’s 8053 Lace-up Shoe, comfort and durability won’t be issues, the only thing to worry about is who will take over these shoes when you finally get tired of them, because in actual sense, they will not tear out or fade-out. These classic Dr-Martens feature burnished upper leather, a full leather midsole and a rubber sole which guarantee quality and durability of these shoes. You can wear them on any day of the week, but you have to team them with casual outfits like Jeans, cargo pants or khaki pants.

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So, what can you wear with these Dr. Martens Men’s Shoes?

Tip 1:- Basing on their style, you can wear these black DR.MARTENS shoes with jeans. However, I don’t recommend skinny jeans with these granite martens; I prefer the relaxed fitting jeans. To look fashionable, you can opt for faded denim jeans or damaged jeans.

  1. 3.



Dr. Martens Men's Carrington Brogue Shoe Lace-Up

Dr. Martens Men’s Carrington Brogue Shoe Lace-Up – Buy it at Amazon

Now forget about those boring Martens you can’t wear to date, DR.MARTENS has added value to this new Carrington Shoe, it comes in a beige color, you can wear them with black jeans and look stylish. It features an off-white Dr.Marten’s air-cushioned sole and leather welted upper which makes them unique and fashionable. These are the kind of Dr.Marten’s you can buy for your father during father’s day and he will thank you with a big smile.

What to wear with BEIGE Color Dr.Marten’s?

Tip 1:- Since they have a bright color, you will look fashionable if you match them with black jeans. In this case, both skinny and straight fit jeans will match with these boots. If possible, complement them with a white belt.

Tip 2:- You can also wear them with chino pants, however, opt for the dark color chinos like black or navy blue. To add value to your trend, you can fold the bottom of the chino pants just above the ankle, make sure you wear no socks, if necessary, wear invisible men’s socks, then complement your chino pants with a denim blazer and a white v-neck t-shirt. To accessorize your trend, you can opt for black Ray Ban sunglasses.


  1. 4. Dr. Martens Men’s 8250 Chelsea Non Steel Work Boot

Dr. Martens Men's 8250 Chelsea Non Steel Work Boot

Dr. Martens Men’s 8250 Chelsea Work Boot – Buy it at Amazon

If you love wearing doc marten boots but your stuck on which boot to opt for, then this Dr. Martens Men’sChelsea Non Steel Work Boot is the best for you. It a durable work boot which you can wear to any hash condition workplace like a factory, you can also wear them to a normal office during the week because they have a formal style which matches with casual non-formal trends. This boot features a man made sole, leather upper, AirWear back pull which makes it easy to wear. Doc-martens makes durable hard-wearing comfortable boots, so there’s no doubt that you will feel comfortable in these boots.

What can you wear with these Dr. Martens Men’s 8250 Chelsea Non Steel Work Boots?

Tip 1: For casual purposes, you can team them with relaxed fit jeans, because these jeans have a normal fitting so they will drape well on the boots.

Tip 2: You can wear them with a trouser or khaki to the office. In this case, you don’t need to wear a tie with this trend, just keep the all trend simple; I suggest you complement the attire with a plaid long sleeved shirt.


  1. 5. Dr. Martens Men’s Saxon 3989 Wingtip Oxford

This is a Wingtip Oxford shoe, it has a very simple design and it is very easy to match with most trends. It features a full grain leather upper and a hand made PVC sole which guarantees durability. You can pair these oxford doc martens with casual and informal trends, if well matched, you can even wear them to the office of job interview.

So, what can you wear with this black oxford doc marten?

Tip 1: You can wear these martens with khaki pants. This is a formal way of wearing these martens. To look smart, you can complement them with a black belt and dress shirt.

Tip 2: Another way of styling these martens is by matching them with narrow leg jeans. To look stylish, you can fold the bottom of the jeans so that your martens get enough attention. To add value to your trend, you can complement your narrow leg jeans with a white dress shirt, black slim tie and a grey blazer.

  1. 6.

    Dr. Martens Men’s Percy Oxford

If i say that these Martens are unique, i will have over used the word, but they have an original design from Dr.Martens. They feature a red & black superfine merino upper and a leather lining which make them trendy. The translucent air-cushioned sole make them light, easy to wear the all day and durable. You can wear these DR.Marten’s shoes to work, club, date, party and so much more. However, their uniqueness and beauty come at a price; you will end up spending $310 for just one pair of these Martens.

How to style these trendy Martens?

Tip 1:- Judging from their bright prints, you can team them with black skinny jeans. If you feel uncomfortable with skinny jeans, you can opt for straight leg fitting jeans. Black is a neutral color which matches with any bright color.

Tip 2:– You can also wear them with khaki shorts. It is a very rare style, but you can try matching navy blue or black khaki shorts with these martens and see if they match well.

  1. 7.

    Dr. Martens Men’s Brighton 3-Eye Comfort Chukka Boots

For men who like chukka boots, these Dr. Martens Men’s Brighton Chukka Boots can be a good option for you, they are made of a rich full-grain leather with an oily finish which makes it unique and stylish. You can wear these boots to work or a job interview. They feature 3 eyelets for lace-ups, rear pull tab which makes it easy to wear these chukka boots. The soft-air insole is also comfortable, so it will provide excellent comfort and support. Its RVT outsole is well stitched to guarantee durability, which means you will own these shoes for more than 6 years.

How to style these chukka dr.marten boots?

Tip 1: You can match them with khaki pants, these chukka boots have a formal style, so you can wear them to work. Make sure the khaki pants fit you well, avoid wearing buggy khaki pants with these boots, because they will cover the beauty of the boots.

Tip 2: Jeans will also match with these Dr Marten chukka boots; though the flared type of jeans will not look good because these jeans have a wide bottom which will cover the boots. So opt for straight leg relaxed fitting jeans


  1. 8.

    Dr. Martens Men’s ‘Rico’ Laced Boot

Dr. Martens Men's 'Rico' Laced Boot - Buy it at Amazon

Dr. Martens Men’s ‘Rico’ Laced Boot – Buy it at Amazon

This is another great Dr. Martens ankle boot you can wear to work. It has a simple normal design, featuring rugged leather upper , air-cushioned sole which is well stitched to guarantee durability. It’s soft insole, cushioned foot bed and breathable synthetic lining will ensure that you feel comfortable while wearing these ankle boots from Dr. Martens. This boot comes in both brown and black so you have a choice on which color to wear.

What you can wear with this Dr. Martens Men’s ‘Rico’ Laced Boot?

Tip 1: Since they have a formal style, you can wear them with khaki pants to work or on weekends. Opt for the relaxed fitting khaki pants with no pleats on the front. To look smart, you can complement them with a rugged brown leather belt. Also straight leg jeans will match with these formal – casual ankle boots. Learn more here……

  1. 9. Dr. Martens Men’s Orson Loafer

This rich leather loafer from Dr. Martens will keep you going with loads of comfort and support plus smart-looking style. The Orson slip-on loafer is fashioned with a roomy round toe and dual elastic goring for fit and stretch, plus a cushioned collar, moisture-wicking fabric lining, and premium air-cushioned insole.  You can wear these shoes during working days and on weekends with casual trends.

So, what can you wear with these Dr.MARTENS  ORSON LOAFERS?

Tip 1:- Denim blue / black jeans will look good with these shoes. Complement the shoes with a tan brown leather belt.

Tip 2:- You can also wear them with chino pants or shorts during the weekend.


  1. 10.

    DR. MARTENS Men’s Langley Desert Boot

DR. MARTENS Men's Langley Desert Boot - Buy it at Amazon

DR. MARTENS Men’s Langley Desert Boot – Buy it at Amazon

Desert boots are not my favorite boots, but these DR. MARTENS Men’s Langley Desert Boots look stylish, I like the navy blue color mixed with white threads and a white flat rubber sole, they also have a cushioned foot bed and breathable lining which makes them comfortable and easy to wear for long hours. You can wear these desert boots to work or on weekends.

What to wear with these DR.Martens desert boots?

Tip 1:- Match them with skinny jeans. Guys who love color blocking, you can wear these navy blue desert boots with red skinny jeans or skinny chino pants, and then complement the trend with a light blue shirt or white shirt and a denim jacket.


I know it is very difficult to find a cute Dr. Marten’s shoe for men, but these shoes are durable and comfortable on the inside. In the picture above, you can see trendy men wearing Dr. Marten’s boots with jeans. Just like I mentioned in the introduction, that Dr. Marten’s shoes differ in style and shape, so even the way to match them with other trends differs. Just be creative when it comes to fashion.

Feel free to ask a question or leave your comments and thoughts below…

Just for fun I found these custom Doc Martens which I think look amazing!



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