It seems that I don’t run out of tips for transitioning to natural, I’ve gathered more thoughts and ideas that I may have missed to mention in my previous articles. So here it is.

The last two article I shared was all about tips on transitioning but the one I’m about to share to you now is the top 10 tips on how to take care and deal with your transitioning to natural hair.

  • Ask yourself why do you want to go natural. First, we may all have millions of reasons to go natural. But you have to figure out why you really want to go natural, is it because it is the latest trend? Or is it just out of curiosity and you want to try how it would look on you, or maybe you now want to embrace and accept yourself more. Your reason of going natural should be deeply rooted, you have to be committed, decided, devoted to your goal of having a natural hair. There is actually no right reason, but as long as it is unfeigned you are in the right direction.

Whether you only want to experiment or just to give it a try, or if you plan on sticking to having a natural hair it is your prerogative actually, just figure out why you want it.

  • Before using essential hair products for your natural hair, you must do your research first. You have know the type and structure of your hair. Research what products applies or best suited for your hair. There are products that are specifically intended to certain kind of race, certain hair texture, and type.

There are tons of resources you can find in the internet, on blogs, youtube, tutorial articles and so on. Once you find out, you can start building a regimen and get a healthy hair.

  • Experiment with hair products. I’m sure you’ll find yourself like crazy seeing your shower room with plenty of different hair product bottles, because you can’t find that one product that’s best suited for your hair type in a snap. You’ll have to experiment, try and try until you’ll find that one product that your hair will love.
  • Keep your hair moisturized. You should know that shampooing and conditioning isn’t just enough. You should include leave on conditioners, deep conditioning, and sometimes hot oil treatments, styling agent into your regimen because your hair needs enough moisturization.
  • Be Patient. Do not give up easily. Be patient with your hair growth and with your hair textures. Many of us fail on our first tries because we’re so impatient. If your hair looks disgusting, messy, or dry take your time to carefully de-tangle it, and do a less complicated hairstyles like braiding your hair.
  • It is normal to experience breaking it is bound to happen. The least you could do is to keep your two texture blended. To make my hair is less disappointing, I’d do braidouts and bun turnouts natural hairstyles these are the only hairstyles that works for me. I tried twisting my hair but it just didn’t work it still look messy with it.
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Also, don’t make a big deal of your hair type. If you do not know what your hair type is, it’s no big deal as long as you know which category your hair belongs, like if it’s straight, wavy, kinky, or curly. From there, you can find products that will best fit your hair type or category. I mean, you don’t have to specifically know the exact letters and numbers of your hair type and textures.



  • Choose or use hairstyles that would tuck your hair away. Tucking your hair keeps it from breaking, you won’t be too conscious to keep your hands on your head trying to tidy up the new grown hair. Use a protective hair styling like underneath wigs, or corn rolls, braids and extensions.
  • Take care of your hair textures. As you all know, having natural curly hair is so time consuming and tiresome. Detangle your hair gently, and deal with your hair textures by faithfully and continuously following all the steps of your regimen.

My experience with my 8 months transition, I had a moment where I got so impatient and couldn’t wait to cut off my hair because I got tired of detangling my hair every morning, I got tired of seeing strings down the end and it’s so much work. I decided to have my big chop, I was so happy cause I didn’t have to deal with stringy strings on the end. But don’t be impulsive, for me I took a couple of days before deciding for a big chop.


But in my opinion, if you’re in the middle of your transitioning and you’re torn between having to relax your hair or to continue with your natural hair, I would suggest to go on with your natural hair, because first that is how God made you, you were born with that hair and also you’ll get to keep the length of your hair too. But if you choose to go on relaxing your hair, you got to start all over again. I know that many of us aren’t that patient, some don’t like their hair, some are so impulsive and make decisions that they might regret. The easiest way to deal with our hair is to accept and embrace what you have, if you can’t that’s ok. But you got to be patient to get to the hair that you want to achieve.

  • If you’ve decided to go for a big chop, make sure you to go an experienced professional to handle your hair, not to some newbie who are just out for experience.
  • Be inspired, find an inspiration. You can check out videos on world wide web that can provide no useful information about your hair issues, or online community and forums. What I use to do was I’d cut some pictures on magazine, pictures of people with beautiful curly and afro hairs then I’d post them on my bedroom wall. It actually helped me get through my transitioning process. It is good to have an inspiration cause it will gear you towards positivity, it will help you become more patient and goal oriented.
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This is my top ten tips to have a cool hair journey, you will learn a lot of things from your hair journey, you will learn how patient you are in dealing with your hair issues, you will learn what you like and what you don’t like, you’ll learn not to mind what people thinks about your hair. So just go on with your hair journey, be inspired, be patient and be confident that you will achieve that hair that you so long to achieve.

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