6 Cool and Simple Men’s Hairstyles Short

Hello there our oh-so-manly mens! If you’re reading this then you’ve been searching for an effective source of information regarding the greatest styles for you. Well it would seem that you’ve come to a place that might just suit your needs rather effectively (nope). In this article we’ll be discussing the most stylish, most convenient, and most cost effective short hairstyles for you men-folk.

Alternatively, if you’re a mother looking to violate your small son’s head, then you’ve most certainly come to the right place (a LOT of head violation goes on around here, trust us.) The following list is a compilation of six different suitable cuts.

#1 The Slicked Top

To begin our list we have something that’s, admittedly, a little bluntly titled, and completely accurate. This do is literally everything it says on the tin:  the do is cut incredibly close at the sides and lower back, leaving a lot of room for that forehead to shine bright (Like a diamond, although we pray you’ll be able to go out into public without being hounded by small children, asking their parents whether or not your head is in fact the star from the nursery rhyme.). The top is where the thickest concentration of hair is felt, with that concentration being (it might shock you to hear) slicked back with a holding gel. This’ll give you a smooth aesthetic which is hard to beat.

The Slicked Top - Men’s hairstyles short

The Slicked Top – Men’s hairstyles short


You can nab yourself this slick piece, by first adding a little styling product to your hair, after dampening it, before combing it to create a slight sideways parting. Next, use your fingers to push your hair back to create that slicked-back effect, while also pushing it ever so slightly to the side. Next, use your hands to smooth down the sides of your hair and proceed to let the do dry naturally. Remember to look into various gels and products, so that you might find the one that’s best for you.

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#2 Sideways Faux


And now for our own little (not really-that’d take creativity and well, do you take us for the creative type?) variant on the classic faux-hawk cut, with the faux itself being derivative of the classic punk-warrior hawk (“aw c-c-couldn’t we do that instead?” you don’t look like a Sioux warrior to me, matey). There isn’t actually that much of a deviation here, more like a slight edit for stylish reasons This faux hawk makes use of a sideways-swept Hawk, in a manner that resembles a wind-blasted tree almost (not really), accompanied by very short sides and a close-cropped back. Have some holding spray on standby.

Sideways Faux - Men’s hairstyles short

Sideways Faux – Men’s hairstyles short

Now you can obtain your own personal little windswept-tree (Wow, we just keep hammering on with our poor metaphors don’t we) by throwing some styling product onto your hair (please don’t actually throw it), when damp, and proceeding to shape your hair ever so lightly to the side, while picking it up and moulding that distinctive faux-hawk shape.


#3 Combed Flow

You might have spotted this cut on the likes of Chris Hemsworth or sometimes even Justin Timberlake and as a result this is definitely a stylish do to have on hand.

Combed Flow - Men’s hairstyles short

Combed Flow – Men’s hairstyles short

Now in order to get yourself a grip on this little do, you need to first ensure that you have yourself something which at least resembles the standard square cut, with a little extra length on the top and sides. Next you should apply yourself a little styling product (mousse or otherwise) onto your hair, when damp. Once the product is in place, you should comb your hair right back and allow it to dry of its own accord. After this you should be pretty finished.

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#4 Mountain Man

Now for the kind of cut you might sport while expertly traversing a mountain range in the South American wilderness, before being hunted down and eaten by Bear Grylls for his own sustenance (humans are full of protein, I’m sure you understand). The Mountain Man cut is one which is relatively short at the sides, while longer at the back and thicker at the top, can be pulled off by just about anyone with an ounce of hair to spare and is relatively practical.  You might have seen this haircut on the likes of Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling.

Mountain Man - Men’s hairstyles short

Mountain Man – Men’s hairstyles short

This one’s pretty simple. You can obtain it by getting yourself a straightforward square-haircut, with a little bit of thickness left on top though not enough so that it might resemble a garden hedge in the days of its youth. Wouldn’t want your hedge to get all nostalgic now, would we? You might want to add a little product for texture to it every now and then, in order to maintain that grizzled aesthetic (though don’t apply too much, or you might risk flattening it and leaving yourself without that Bear Grylls edge, which this style aims to achieve)

#5 Caesar Top

Alternatively named The Caesar, this do is actually believed to have originated in the very late 80s/very early 90s and is often considered to be the recurring and perhaps even signature haircut of stars like Gerald Butler and Eminem (Good God, please don’t start humming Rap God or I will find you and I will say very unkind things right to your face. I’m mildly articulate. You have been warned.), though many have come to associate it with Russell Crow in his often renowned role as Spartacus, in the movie Gladiator. This cut is cropped relatively short at all sides, with a very small amount of thickness left right on top. This do is both practical and easy to maintain.

Caesar Top - Men’s hairstyles short

Caesar Top – Men’s hairstyles short

You can nab yourself a bit of this haircut, by simply having your back, sides, and top trimmed quite thoroughly and thin, though not too thin. They should all be of a relatively even size. Once you have the right length and size in mind for your do, you should also apply just a little styling product (mousse or preferably pomade) in order to keep it smooth and clean.

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#6 Blades of Sass

Okay we really ARE just making these ones up now. Forgive us-it’s been a long ten minutes. This do is made up of a row of spikes, which begin at the forehead and expand as the run out from the front of the head and to the back, reaching their peak at the centre of the head and proceeding to simmer back down again towards the back. You might have witnessed this sort of a do on the likes of Aaron Paul (“Who?”) who plays Jesse Pinkman in hit show Breaking Bad (-girly scream) this do is designed less so for practicality and more so for stylishness.

Blades of Sass - Men’s hairstyles short

Blades of Sass – Men’s hairstyles short

You can get a hold of this cut by applying some sort of a styling product to your hair, when damp, while spiking your hair towards the sky, using your fingers as your tool (screw Wilkinson’s, man), picking up spikes together. You might also want a spot of holding spray/gel for this job too.

Well that’s all we have for you today. We pray that at least one of these different styles has appealed to you in one way or another. A few of these require some form of styling gel, pomade, mousse, or spray and so we pray that you do the right thing (not trust us, basically) and look into  whatever product might be right for you and your hair’s needs. Happy hunting guy/guy’s mom.

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