6 Cool Short Female Haircuts

Here we have compiled a list of six dashing, great haircuts which you must look into in addition we’ll be telling you a tip or two on how to maintain and make these styles look good.

#1 Profiler Pixie
Okay, so for the first on our list we have a variant of a cut that we’re all very familiar with around here (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who are coming here for the first time, in which case I’d recommend leaving before it draws you in and you can’t escape): the Pixie cut.

Profiler Pixie - Short female haircuts

Profiler Pixie – Short female haircuts

This particular version of the Pixie cut, is one which is cropped incredibly short, though has longer bangs/ a longer fringe than most standard editions of the Pixie. The bangs are swept over the face and just about brushes one of your eyes, thought this is done neatly (Shocking, I know. We’re actually flirting with something neat on this site, although we can’t promise it’ll turn out that way) and looks highly professional, making it the sort of cut you might wear to a job interview or to a job in the city, though it can look good elsewhere. You might have seen this cut on House of Cards’ Claire Underwood (be sure to catch your husband/boyfriend should he read this, he’s gonna scream and faint)


Obtain this look by; first, applying some form of product for styling to your hair, when damp. Follow this up by brushing your hair so that it is pressed against the shape of your head, blow-drying it after this until it’s entirely dry. You should also work out the edges of your cut with an iron, straightening them out. Proceed to add a little holding spray and you should be quite alright.

#2 Banged Bob


This do is a Bob cut with a little extra length on all fronts, save for the back which is still relatively short as per the Bob cut trademark. The sides reach down to hug the jaw line, allowing for greater emphasis to be put on the chin, while the lengthy bangs allow for the cheeks and nose to be framed. The entire do brings out the face quite well and should be considered ideal when out with friends/on a date.

Banged Bob - Short female haircuts

Banged Bob – Short female haircuts

Firstly, you need to add a little product to your hair, when damp, before blow drying it against the nape and general shape of your head, until it’s completely dry. Use both a hairdryer and a brush. Once this is done for all portions of your head, proceed to straighten everything out, including the fringe, with an iron and you should be good to go.

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#3 Sprightly Waves


So now we have a cut that is often borne by stars such as Tricia Helfer (-everyone who watches the SyFy channel faints instantaneously-). This cut makes use of short waves in your hair, which reach over the head at either end to hover at the side of your cheeks, while brushing the top of your neck and covering the ears. This cut is pretty fun looking (forgive this author for sounding uncertain, he’s just a little uneasy when being required to describe something which is related to Tricia Helfer.) and makes a great cut for a casual night out in the Summer.

Sprightly Waves - Short female haircuts

Sprightly Waves – Short female haircuts

Firstly, you need to add a portion of product to your hair, when damp, before blow drying it and curling up everything with your curling iron. Next, apply some form of pomade to the ends of your hair, before spraying a little holding spray onto everything.

#4 Sleek Helmet

Okay so don’t get put off when we say that by “helmet” we’re in fact referring to the fact that the do encases all of your head (save for the front), rather than referring to a do which you can go motorcycling in and still come out alive (as cool as that’d be, you’d need hair like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s abs in order to even consider smashing into the concrete cranium-first). This do is sleek and smooth, reaching down to blanket the ears and the sides of your head in general, leaving your face to peer out and placing a great emphasis on your facial features. If done right, this can make a look which is both formal and stylish.

Sleek Helmet - Short female haircuts

Sleek Helmet – Short female haircuts

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To begin with, you should work a little styling product into your hair (damp or otherwise) before smoothing your hair out with the aid of a style brush. Finally, you should undertake a smoothing process, with the help of a flattening iron, before applying a shining product for help in gaining yourself that sleek and shiny look.

#5 20’s Stockbroker

Okay so that might sound odd and almost as though it shouldn’t fit into the fashion world, a thought which will be furthered when I tell you that this is the sort of style worn by Don Draper in Madmen, but fear not, for when worn in the right way this cut can bring out the feminine features for your face quite well. The cut is also often seen with the kind of models you might see in certain Vogue articles, though rarely. The style is incredibly short, with the hair barely brushing the back of the ear, and the incredibly short bangs being swept across the top of your forehead in a chic manner.

20’s Stockbroker - Short female haircuts

20’s Stockbroker – Short female haircuts

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You’ll have to have your hair cut quite short, before proceeding with this. First, add a little styling product to your hair, when damp, before going over your hair with a dryer and a brush, pressing your hair against the shape of your head. Proceed to go over your hair with an iron, creating small and subtle waves in the top layer of hair, before applying a little texturing product.

#6 Classy Helm

And to finish off, we have another vintage 20’s-ish look (and this time around, you don’t have to look like Don Drape. Hooray for you!). This do makes use of a dome-like appearance (we pray we haven’t already put you off entirely) which encircles the head at a similar length all around, however the sides have a little kick at the ends of them. This cut will give you a sort of stylish-tomboy look, and is very practical for an active lifestyle.

Classy Helm - Short female haircuts

Classy Helm – Short female haircuts

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You can begin to grab yourself this vintage cut, by (after having your hair cut down to a suitable size-remember to consult your stylist/barber for the right lengths) adding some sort of thickening-product to your hair, when wet, working it in rather thoroughly. Proceed to comb your hair into the right, dome-like, shape and then finish off by loosening out everything with your hands. After this, you should be good to go.

Okay, so we pray that one of these cuts has drawn your fancy. It would seem that we’ve covered quite a bizarre range of dos (most of them aren’t actually that bizarre, outside of the names and you can thank yours truly for that), which are diverse in nature, and each one requires its own lengths and products, and so we recommend (as we always do) that you consult your barber/stylist/mother where possible, and always look into the do you’re aiming for before you reach out and grab it.

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