5 Beautiful Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Well hello there my fine haired! If you happened upon this while searching for an article on short haircuts, for fine hair then you have a reason to be pumped. We’ll also (attempt to) discuss the maintenance of said hairstyles, and how you might achieve them, where possible.

This list is comprised of haircuts that are, as far as we’re concerned, kinder to the finer haired of you out there, refraining from placing too much emphasis on your more delicate natural do.

Fine Pixie (gals)

Now, the first item on our agenda is a deviation from the Pixie cut, which was a style that originated in the late 1950s and was popularized by starts such as Audrey Hepburn, whom (for the Hollywood history illiterate, don’t take offense-you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re getting these facts off of Wikipedia) was one of the most prominent and noteworthy actresses of the 1950s and 60s, appearing in movies such as The Unforgiven and Sabrina.


While the Pixie Cut has existed for the past fifty years, it’s only in the last twenty years that it has really picked up as a popular fashion item among models and the public alike. This variant of the Pixie cut is more suited to those with finer hair out there, making use of a long fringe that reaches around the front of the head to create a certain asymmetry and helps to disguise fine hair.

Fine Pixie - Short haircuts for fine hair

Fine Pixie – Short haircuts for fine hair


You can achieve this look, by applying any sort of styling product to your hair, when damp, blow drying it and, after applying heat protective spray, smooth it out with a flat, heat iron. Remember to apply that thermal spray first, or else we’ll have one more reader on their way to the morgue (don’t ask us what happened last time. Styling wax can be a funny thing…). You can decide on the types of product yourself, depending on the quality of your hair and the ability of your wallet.

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 Straight n Casual (guys)

A common, yet stylish haircut, the Short Straight and Casual hairstyle is easy to achieve, easy to maintain and yet can look incredibly attractive, if done right. Furthermore, this hairstyle, and most of its variations, are usually fine-hair friendly when it comes to the product they use, the way in which they’re maintained, and the way in which they’re concerned, often making use of the finer hair that some of its bearers have, and making it seem trivial and almost un-notable. This do can be worn to a variety of different, albeit laidback, situations.

Straight n Casual  - Short haircuts for fine hair

Straight n Casual – Short haircuts for fine hair


For this do, your back and sides need to be clipped/trimmed incredibly short, while the top is made to stand up using a small portion of styling wax, which is used to support you hair (physically, not morally with encouraging phrases or that’d be slightly strange). Once your hair has all the right proportions and sizes for this do, you should take any sort of styling wax (whatever’s best for) and use your hands to run a little was into the top of your hair, while moulding it so that it stands up, before allowing the product to dry naturally of its own accord. Once the do is dry, you should be relatively good to go.

A-Bob (gals)

And no, when we say “A-Bob” we don’t mean that we’re going to make your hair look like your Uncle Bob (although that’d make for a few interesting conversations at family meals…) or Bob, that construction bloke from down the road. This Bob is a deviation from the classic Bob haircut, which originated in the late 1890s and was adopted on a much larger scale just prior to the outbreak of World War One, during the 1910s and was popularized by the French actress: Emilie Marie. This hairstyle looks good on a variety of people, with different styles and ages and as a result this serves as something of a time-travelling barrier-crossing do (it’s like Dr Who, but it’s…well…hair). When bearing this do, your hair should be shorter at the back than it should be at the front, which should be far-reaching and the fringe should reach across the cover a large portion of your forehead.

A-Bob - Short haircuts for fine hair

A-Bob – Short haircuts for fine hair

In order to achieve this do, you should add a styling product, of your choice, to your hair when damp, before blow-drying it at about a section of your hair, stretching from about 90 degrees to 160 degrees. Following this, you should add a touch of finishing spray and you should be relatively good to go.

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The Caesar (guys)

So, here’s a style we’re particularly fond of on this website (Well come on now, George Clooney wore this, who wouldn’t want to covet it and parade it around like it’s the Holy Grail?) This style is believed to have originated in the early nineties, despite its exciting and suggestive name (Sorry, no dead Romans here –reader sighs-) and was worn by stars such as Clooney, Eminem (and it still remains as the self-proclaimed “Rap God’s” personal haircut.) and Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys (Why oh why did I have to remind us of them?) This haircut is short, simple and ridiculously simple to maintain (if you can comprehend the prospect of something being “ridiculously” simple), with only a little product being really necessary to use.

The Caesar - Short haircuts for fine hair

The Caesar – Short haircuts for fine hair

The Caesar should be clipped short at the sides yet have a slightly longer fringe for those of the that have a finer hair and receding hairline, so that you might be able to draw the fringe across like a little cloak, hugging the top of your forehead and the edge of your scalp in a loving manner.

Combine Bob (gals)

And now, for the last item on our list, we have another variation of the Bob. This edition, make use of layers that are shorter at the back than they are at the front, so as to allow to you draw hair over the front and conceal your thinner hairline, effectively camouflaging it like a Green Beret hiding in the bushes (though your hairline will be less liable to ambush a passerby and drag them, quietly, under your do as it approaches a guarded stronghold)

Combination Bob - Short haircuts for fine hair

Combination Bob – Short haircuts for fine hair

You can achieve this style, by applying any style-product to your hair, when damp, and then blow drying your hair at around the nape, before drying out the rest. Following this, you should add a little bit of finishing spray and you should be entirely good to go.

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Well that’s it from us, when it comes to finding a hairstyle of choice for those finer hairlines out there. Remember that you finer hair is delicate and prone to damage (like this author, whenever I go outside) and as a result you should keep a variety of different caring products on hand to maintain your scalp, through you should refrain from applying too much. Remember that washing it too thoroughly, with too much product, will lead to unfortunate results and unwarranted damage to your already damaged do. You should keep yourself informed about how to maintain and care for your delicate do online and consult your local barber regularly (Like the dentist, but without the minty drinK. Don’t let that put you off though…) finally, you should always look into the do you’re going to adopt before finally giving it the go ahead.

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