It can be hard to find yourself a definitive collection of the best oval-face-suited hairstyles and so you might find solace here, where we’ve compiled a list of the six best cuts which we could find, with three for the men and three for the women.  In this list we’ll be providing tips regarding how you might obtain these hairstyles, and how you can maintain them.


First, we’ll set some things out for you men folk:

#1 Blasted Back

Now for the first item on our list, we have a cut which you might see on the likes of David Beckham, and while this cut won’t immediately make you bend it like Beckham, you can at least channel his look for a bit. This cut utilizes short sides, with a thicker concentration of hair on the top and back. These concentrations are subsequently blasted back (with gel, not a shotgun (That’d be an interesting talent though, when you’re not too busy picking pieces of your own brain out of your haircut.). This’ll give you a nice and sleek do, which will look good at any indoor workplace, and perhaps even on date night.

Blasted Back - Short hairstyles for oval faces

Blasted Back – Short hairstyles for oval faces


In order to grab yourself this do, you should first dampen your hair, before thoroughly working in a bit of styling product. Next, you should create a slight parting in your hair, to one side using a comb. Next, you should use your hands to push your hair backwards, offsetting it slightly to the side so as to give it a definitive tilt, while also pushing down the dies of your hair, so that they might be flat. Finally, you should apply a touch of gel and you should be good.

#2 Faux Hawk


Now, for the second item on our list we have the Faux Hawk. “Oh goody!” you must be thinking (you’re a 10 year-old British schoolboy apparently, just role with it “I’m getting myself a warrior’s hawk! I can prance around my house wearing nothing but my hawk, and a raging grin, yelling in a high pitched voice, like a Native American warrior!” Well yes, you could, but 1.This isn’t that kind of do and 2.You might be shocked when your neighbours call the police, so don’t blame us. Actually the Faux hawk is a small and centralized hawk, which sits atop the middle of the head at a much lower size and proves to be a very stylish and symmetrical do (unless you buy into that whole “diagonal faux” nonsense, which we certainly don’t –sniggers-). It compliments and oval face quite well, sitting atop it and making the face and making the head look nice and symmetrical.

Faux Hawk - Short hairstyles for oval faces

Faux Hawk – Short hairstyles for oval faces

Getting a hold of this do is pretty damn simple. Firstly, you need to add some form of styling product into your hair, when dry, before gathering your hair, with your hands, into the centre of your head, using your hands, into that distinct faux-shape. If you feel the need to add a little holding product, then do so, but it should be unnecessary.

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#3 Striking Pompadour


Okay, so this do might not be as aggressive as we’ve made it sound (sadly your do will not double back as a striker, should use get injured or red-carded by the referee, unless you’ve gone to see Dr Octopus or something), however this cut, as a variation on the classic Elvis-pompadour of the 50s and 60s, is quite dashing, and is well suited to just about any face type. As a result, you should feel pretty comfortable and safe from your ever long quest for just the right style for your ovular face.

Striking Pompadour - Short hairstyles for oval faces

Striking Pompadour – Short hairstyles for oval faces

Firstly, you need to blow dry your hair, preferably after bathing it, backwards, with a slight sideways tilt, before applying some sort of a product for styling. Next, you should use your hands to comb your hair back and to the side again, before using a little bit of holding spray to finish things off.


And now, the womenfolk:

#1 Inclined Bobby

And if you’re wondering, yes we did turn Bob into Bobby to spice things up a bit. We’re getting wild and crazy up in this place y’all. This variation of the standard Bob cut is a slightly longer version which (admittedly pushes the boundaries of what one might consider “short” but there we have it) reaches down, at the sides, to brush the upper neck, while the bangs reach across the face to shelter one of your eyes in an asymmetrical, chic fashion. The style is also rather smooth, giving it a certain glow.

Inclined Bobby - Short hairstyles for oval faces

Inclined Bobby – Short hairstyles for oval faces

First, you’ll have to work a bit of styling product into your hair, when damp, before brushing your hair against the shape of your head, at the nape area of your neck. Use both a brush and a dryer for this, using both in the same placed at the same time. Proceed to brush your bangs so that they stretch over one side of your face, and then proceed to dry out the rest of your hair. You should also finish off with a little texturing product, just to give things a nice finish.

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#2 Layered Away

At the risk of scaring people off with a name which sounds like a version of Spirited Away where the writers were completely high when writing it (that’d make Studio Ghibli more interesting, that’s for sure) we have the second item on this half of the list. This cut, makes use of multiple layers which are longer at the front than they are at the back, with the layers arching backwards to give an ever so-slight windblown effect (slightly). The cut places a great amount of emphasis on the chin and jaw line, brining out your faces bone structure (You’re into bone structures and stuff, right?). This cut is great for casual time, due to its ease of maintenance.

Layered Away - Short hairstyles for oval faces

Layered Away – Short hairstyles for oval faces

 Get it here!

Firstly, you need to work a little styling product into your hair, when wet, before blow drying it with both a dryer and a brush. Proceed to use an iron to create a bend in your hair, sealing the deal with some holding spray.

#3 Sleek n Straight Curtains

It would seem we’re getting into dodgy name territory, thank Christ it’s the end of the list or I’d ask you t strap in, thoroughly. This cut is essentially smoothed and sleeked downwards, to the point of complete flatness and maximum length. One side is brought forth, ever so slightly more than the other, covering a little portion of the face as though it were surrounded by two uneven curtains. Nevertheless, the do still serves to highlight the oval-ness (made that one up) of the face quite well, with one side highlighting the curve quite well while the other compliments the face.

Sleek n Straight Curtains - Short hairstyles for oval faces

Sleek n Straight Curtains – Short hairstyles for oval faces

First, work a little styling product into your hair, when wet, before drying it out with a dryer and a brush. Next, proceed to flatten your hair out with an iron, ensuring that one side is more forward than the other while the other presses against the shape of your head.

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And that’s it for our list. We hope that we’ve gotten enough ideas into your head, so that you might be able to fit that oval curvature of yours. If not, well there’s always the internet (you’ve probably opened another tab out of frustration). Remember to use that, when in doubt about anything you’ve heard on here-never put all of your confidence into one source, or it could be your downfall.

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