Hair Essentials and Tools I cannot live without

Hello dear readers, thank you for finding my article. And today you’ll be reading about my hair essentials and the products that I cannot live without. This is going to be like a review on the products that I use. I am not really gaining anything from this, I just want to introduce to you guys these beautiful products that makes my hair manageable. I have used so many different products and some of them didn’t work but I’ll only share those that did wonders to my hair.

You see I now have a short hair, and having a short hair means having a limited hair styles options. And the best way for me to look better is to have a nice soft and shiny hair. And to have such, I take an extra care and attention to my hair.

Let me share to you the products that has really helped me taming my hair. If you have a short hair like mine, or if you have an African-American hair texture, or relaxed hair, the products that I use might be of help to you. Let’s get started.




For my shampoo, I use a Tresemme Smooth & Silky shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil , and then its Smooth and Silky conditioner too. I used to have a dry, hard and brittled hair but when I started using the Tresemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo & its conditioner, my hair has been soft, smoother and more manageable, I just love this product. It really does what it says on the label.



After shampooing and conditioning my hair with Tresemme product, I towel dry my hair and I’d apply a CHI Silk Infusion as my leave on conditioner. I so love this product cause it makes my hair so soft and shiny and smells good too.

This big bottle last for over a year, mine did cause I don’t really put too much just a quarter size. And I apply this on my hair before I sit under a dryer. Then after I dry my hair, I can really feel the intense smoothness on my hair.


You can find this at Sally’s, Walgreens, or Walmart or even online on amazon, just a little expensive though, and price varies from $25 to $28.00. I am confident to suggest or recommend to you guys this product is really amazing

Whenever I run out of CHI Silk Infusion, my alternative is to use this deep conditioning treatment cream, this one is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Cream. I love this product because it’s non-greasy, it gives long lasting shine to my hair, and it makes my hair more manageable.

ORS Olive Oil

Buy it at Amazon

This product is infused with coconut oil and essence of olive oil to add shine and moisture to your hair, leaves your hair silky, shiny and with intense smoothness, plus it helps strengthen your hair by protecting it from damage causing heat of the sun, or any of your heating tools.

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It is one of the best moisturizer specially made for naturally curly hairs. I read that this product has tons of positive reviews and feedbacks, this is even cheap as you can get this for below $10.00

And before I forget, CHI has another product that I like using so much. It is the CHI Straight guard smoothing styling gel. It basically helps to dry straight hair, and it’s very useful to me whenever I use a straight iron after I get done with the whole drying, I’d apply just a little small damp size and rub it together and apply it on my hair at the top.


CHI-StraightGuard – Buy it at Amazon

And like the other products that I love, this one also makes my hair more shiny, it gives body to my hair and makes it more manageable, and it smells good too. I bought this one for less than $30.00 and its for over a year now, it really last a long time. If you choose to get this product, you get the best value of your money cause aside from CHI products really does as advertised, it is really a wise buy, you can save because it really last a long time.

Another much loved product that I use before I sit under the dryer is EcoStyler Styling Gel. I learned about this product from my hairstylist, when I had my hair cut, she used this to smooth down my sides. But I can’t just go to hair salons all the time to get the hair style that I want, I should be able to do it myself too.

So I bought this EcoStyler Styling Gel for curly and wavy hair. They actually have eight types of this gel which is appropriate for each hair types, and the one I use is the pink one which is for curly and wavy hair. It is ideal for holding angled or tapered sides. It has the scent of chamomile and I just love how it smells. It is anti-itch, alcohol free, doesn’t flake and makes your hair easy to comb.


If you need a styling gel for your short hair, EcoStyler Styling gel is the perfect one for you. And it’s ideal for roller sets, finger waves, and wrap hair styles, and volume and shine to natural and soft styles. It is very affordable, I got mine for only $5.60 at CVS but maybe you can get it even cheaper like at Sally’s, or amazon or any beauty supplies and online stores.

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Another hair product that I like most is Pantene Pro-V stylers texture sculpting wax. It holds down stubborn hairs that sticks up. And the good thing is, this product is not greasy, it smells good, it doesn’t flake your hair and help smoothen the area especially your sides.


Pantene Pro V stylers texturizing sculpting wax is absolutely perfect for people with short hair. It helps you control your hair, with high hold definition. It definitely does what it says on the label. It is price friendly, not so expensive and you’ll really get what you paid for.

Another product that I use to add sheen to my hair is ISOPLUS Natural remedy Tea Tree and Aloe scalp therapy conditioner. it is sort of a hair grease, it relieves scalp itching and even dandruff as it soothes the scalp, it stimulates hair growth and moisturizes dry damaged hair.


The tea tree and aloe content serves as anti-bacterial for dry scalp or skin. The aloe heals any abrasions and general scalp irritations. If for instance you burnt your scalp after relaxing your hair, this product is perfect to sooth your scalp and will help heal the abrasions fast. I probably bought this for $7 and you can find this anywhere in Walmart, or Sally’s or at any beauty supplies stores.



So after all these procedures, after applying my CHI, and applying my root stimulator, I’d wrap my hair with mega wrap black strip by Sanek which I got from beauty supply store for less than a dollar. It is so flexible and manageable that it allows you to pull and stretch over your hair and make it as tight as you want.


Sanek-MegaWrapStrip – Buy it at Amazon

There is also a white version of this, but it is not flexible and it’s kind of hard, I really prefer the black strip one. This black strip really helps my hair stay flat and in place and it doesn’t break easily it’s durable. This is very affordable and you can get it any beauty supplies near you.

Now it is important that you know what type of comb to use for your hair. Mine I prefer using the rat tail comb since I now have a short hair, and I think everyone is familiar with this kind of comb. This is commonly used in the hair salons especially if you’re having a hair cut.

Rat-Tail-Comb - Buy it at Amazon

Rat-Tail-Comb – Buy it at Amazon

This type of comb makes it easy for me to pick out my hair when I want to curl it or even just parting your hair. It’s a skinny type of comb easy to hide.

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As for my hair dryer, I use Revlon 1875 ionic hair dryer. This one has an attachment where you can heat up certain spots. It also has a comb attachment. It his a settings if you want to set it on low or medium or high heat. I always use the medium settings, remember too much heat on our hair can cause damage, it dries up our hair and scalp. I got my Revlon 1875 ionic hair dryer from Target for only $20.00, it really was a best buy. This has been with me for almost 5 years now.

Revlon-Ionic-Dryer - Buy it at Amazon

Revlon-Ionic-Dryer – Buy it at Amazon

And the last but not the least, my flat iron which is Jilbere Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron, it’s so durable that is has been with quite a while now. I use this whenever I want to style my hair. This is perfect for curling or straightening your hair, believe me it does wonders to my hair, when my hair was long or even now that it’s short, I can still make hairstyles that makes me feel beautiful and confident.

It is made of ceramic, ionic and nano silver technology, with dual heating elements that distributes heat evenly and it straightens hair up to 40% faster. It is nice and not so heavy, It can get really hot and still doesn’t snag your hair. I paid like $60 for this at Sally’s, yes it was a bit pricey.

Jilbere nano ceramic flat iron - Buy it at Amazon

Jilbere nano ceramic flat iron – Buy it at Amazon

There’s no regret only gratitude since I bought this, so durable it has never had issues. What I love more about this flat iron is that it’s so thin that it can get too far the end to the roots. I’d be very very sad if mine will break or if the makers will stop producing this one, I wouldn’t know what to do. It’s really worth the price but it really can last longer as long as you know how to take care of it too as it takes care of your hair needs too.

These are all the products that I can’t live without, I don’t feel confident going out without these products, they make me feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. I hope you find this article helpful and informative. Thank you for spending time reading this, if you have products that are worth sharing please do share by commenting below.

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