My Tips on How to Improve Fine Hair

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk about how to improve fine hair. I have very thin hair which doesn’t have any volume to it or any shape to it, or any texture to it. It is simply flat and thin which doesn’t give me many creative options. I think that would sum it up!


How To Improve Fine Thin Hair

How To Improve Fine Thin Hair

I will explain how I keep my fine hair healthy, and what I do to give it some body and volume. It took me a while to come up with a routine that I was comfortable with and which gave me the most satisfaction.


Perhaps you might have some suggestions; I would really like to hear them. Please post a comment down below if you have some products you love and you would like to share with me.

Step 1. Using the Right Shampoo


The number one thing that is super important when you have fine hair that tends to be oily is the shampoo. I have tried so many shampoos over many years and with most of them I was very unsatisfied with the results.

Finally I found one that gives me great results (I’m very picky) and I’ve used the same shampoo now for I think…almost seven years. No kidding. This shampoo is from Rene Furterer(company site) and it comes in this huge bottle which I love because I buy it and use for 3 or 4 months straight.


Rene Furterer Forticea Stimulating Shampoo – Large bottle (expensive)

Small bottle (affordable)

So the large bottle comes with a pump and also comes in a smaller size. You can find it in every French pharmacist and you can also buy it on Amazon at the links above. It is awesome. I love the shampoo. My sister-in-law tested it once when I stayed at over at her house I brought my shampoo and now she buys this all the time. She really loves it. It is so great! It just keeps your hair from getting oily too fast. Instead of washing your hair every day or every other day you can push the boundaries further and don’t wash your hair as often because it is not healthy to wash your hair too much. So, this shampoo is said to be a volumizing shampoo for frequent use, normal to oily hair and it says on the back it restores strength and volume to your hair, maintains scalp normal balance and makes your hair feel light and full of vitality. I really recommend this if you can get your hands on it. It is really, really good.

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Step 2. Volumizing Spray

So the second step is volumizing spray. I discovered this almost two years ago and it change my life really. I have use several different volumizing sprays and there are three that I wanted to show you that I really like and I’m pretty sure you can find this all around the world. So this is the first one that I ever discovered, Nivea Volume Sensation Styling Spray

Volume Sensation Styling Spray 250ml spray by Nivea

Buy it at Amazon:

The can I have came from Germany without any English instructions. Anyway, it is really good for you just spray under your roots and it does the job and it’s great it prevents your hair (actually your roots) from getting oily too fast. I really recommend if you can get your hands on it (check the Amazon link above), I don’t believe I’ve seen Nivea products in the US.
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Spray
John Frieda website

Buy it at Amazon:

I really like the John Frieda collection and the luxurious volume collection is really great. So, this one says “thickening blow dry lotion, volumizes hair to shining new heights”. I really recommend this and I know you can find this in the US. You spray in your roots when your hair is still wet when you get out of the shower, so don’t wait until your hair is dry. What I do is part my hair with a comb and I spray. Then I part another section of my hair once more and I spray and I do pretty much all of one side and then I’ll do the other side and then I’ll do the back.

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L’Oreal Paris EverStyle Volume Lifting Root Spray, Alcohol-Free
L’oreal website:

Buy it at Amazon:

I really also like this one, I’ve use the half of it, it’s the L’Oreal Paris EverStyle Volume Lifting Root Spray and its volumizing rootless strips for fine hair. It just works really well just like the others I talked about but it’s L-Oreal professional (again you can buy it at Amazon above). Try any volumizing spray I really recommend because it does make such a difference.

Step 3. Big Rollers

Conair Mega Self Holding Rollers (9 pack) – Buy it at Amazon

I love rollers! I discovered rollers with a friend of mine whose name is Sarah. She is a hair dresser and she is so good at everything hair related. Rollers are great because you get so much volume from them. So, after I blow dry my hair, I will use big rollers. You definitely want to try this. I mean, if you have the time to, of course, they are so great because they lift your roots and give you so much volume and body. The rollers I prefer are from a professional store for hairdressers but you can find these online or at your local Target. My first pair were from Target, they’re pink and they’re amazing and I’m sure you can find them and they’re cheap. So, definitely use rollers if you’re interested in seeing a more volume for your fine thin hair.

Optional Step: Teasing

SalonChic 8″ Deluxe Triple Teasing Comb – Buy it at Amazon

And the final step which is optional but I love it, is teasing. My teasing comb set has big ones and small ones; obviously I use the some small ones to tease. I tease my hair on the first layers and I am not looking for high volume, I’m just looking for not having my hair just not stick to my face. I highly recommend teasing your hair, it has never damage my hair because it is actually quite strong although it’s fine, it really does makes a difference.

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Optional Step: Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Clean & Classic – Buy it at Amazon

The other step which is optional is to use dry shampoo. I basically only wash my hair every 2 to 3 days just because if you wash your hair too often your scalp is going to produce even more oil than is usually does and it’s just not going to be good for your hair. So in between shampoos on the second or the third day you can use dry shampoo.

I love the product inside but I hate the packaging, it is not so handy. I hate the dispenser, but the product itself is really great. So, any dry shampoo that you find will help lift your root up to give you volume.

These are my steps to improve fine hair that I recommend, I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to ask me a question please do!

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