What To Wear with Combat Boots Men

Combat boots are trendy boots; however, not every man wears these boots. Combat boots are very common with teenagers and young men between 20 – 35 years, this is because these boots are just casual, can be a little heavy and require some extra energy to wear them for longer hours.

Fashion is advancing on a daily basis, and that is why we now have boots meant for military on streets now days. Some guys want to feel that military energy and confidence, so they opt for these combat boots. Combat boots match well with skinny jeans and narrow leg jeans, and the best way to wear them is by tucking in the jeans with the boots.


What To Wear with Combat Boots Men

What To Wear with Combat Boots Men



Avoid wearing buggy jeans with combat boots, because they will add too much weight on the bottom, and you might even fail to tuck them in the boots.


Today, on Olixe, I have featured the best combat boots for men, these boots are almost similar, and so you will find that you can match them with the same casual trends.

NOTE: Links to stores where you can buy these Combat boots for men are listed at the end of this post.




  1. 1.

    J75 by JUMP Men’s Strong Lace-up Boot

Combat Boots 1


  • Mens Boots – Forced Entry Tactical, Black by Rothco – $68.49
  • Men’s Rothco Black Ultra Force Jungle – $27.49
  • Retro Combat Boots Winter England-style – $39.99
  • Dr. Martens Men’s Pier Boot – $95.04
  • Dr. Martens Men’s Gideon Boot – $107

These combat boots are perfect for urban streets; you can rock the street this weekend in these combat boots. They feature leather upper and a man made sole to guarantee durability. You can use the buckle belt to ensure that the boots fit well.

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What to wear with these JUMP Men’s Combat Boots?

Tip 1: To look stylish, you can team them with a skinny jean, make sure you tuck in the skinny jeans in the boots, and then complement your trend with a trendy casual shirt and a combat jacket.

Tip 2: You can also wear these combat boots with straight leg denim jeans, since these jeans are not wide at the bottom, they will add less weight at the bottom, simply tuck in the bottom of the jeans in the boots, then complement the trend with round / v-neck t-shirt and a blazer.

  1. 2.

    Troopa’ Boot

combat Boots 2

This Troopa Combat Boot has faded blue upper leather which is very rare and trendy. It features a side zip closure which makes it easy to wear, synthetic leather lining and a rubber sole. The cap-toe will ensure that your foot gets no pressure from the boot.

What to wear with this blue faded leather combat boot?

Tip 1: Judging from its bright color, you can team it with black skinny leather pants of jeans. Black leather pants will look good with these boots, so you can complement the trend with a V-neck white T-shirt, then accessorize with denim scarf.

  1. 3.

    Palladium Baggy

Combat Boots 3

This is a rugged combat boot which you can wear and go anywhere, it has a canvas upper which makes it comfortable to wear and it also features a rubber sole which guarantees its durability. If you look closely at these combat boots, the lower part is just like a canvas shoe, this is the type of combat boot you will wear for years without getting tired of them.

Styling these boots:

Tip 1: You can wear them with twisted black skinny jeans, and then complement the trend with plain green or white t-shirt. If possible, you can match them with a green crafted casual belt or a black belt.

  1. 4.

    Troopa’ Boot

Combat Boots 4

This Mocha leather troopa combat boot has a trendy style which will make you look fashionable. With this style, we have limited options of complementing these boots with other casual fashion trends, so the best way to wear these combat boots is by matching them with skinny jeans. These Troopa Boots feature a side zip closure which makes it easy to wear them and rubber sole which makes them durable and strong.

  1. 5.

    Jennifer’ Boot

Combat Boots 5

This vintage combat boot is characterized by decorative buckle straps which will ensure that the boots fit well, these buckle straps make the boots look unique. The boots feature leather upper, leather and rubber sole which makes the boots durable.

  1. 6.

    Frye Jake Lace Up

Combat Boots 6

The style of this combat boot gives us an option of matching it with both skinny jeans and relaxed leg jeans, it stops just around the ankle and it features presses nubuck leather upper which matches well with denim jeans, for those who love wearing damages jeans, this is the best shoe for you, its rough style will complement your damages jeans. The shoe has a smooth leather lining and a cushioned leather foot bed which makes them comfortable and easy to wear the all day.

  1. 7.

    Harley-Davidson Kelby

Combat Boots 7

I like the style of this combat boot, it has a trendy design featuring buckle details at the ankle and a synthetic leather outsole which has rubber pads to guarantee better traction and durability.

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You can wear these full-grain leather upper with both skinny jeans and relaxed fit denim jeans, to look fashionable, you can complement this trend with a black leather jacket.

  1. 8.

    Troopa’ Boot

Combat Boots 8

It looks ugly but that is what makes it unique and fashionable. The smoked soft leather makes these boots lighter which makes it easy to wear the all day without feeling uncomfortable. Skinny jeans will match with this Troopa Boot.

  1. 9.

    Harley-Davidson Kelton

Combat Boots 9

The only difference between this boot and the one in position (7) is that this one is a bit taller, but the features are the same, though this type can only match with skinny jeans. It also has a locking inside zipper which makes it easy to put on.

  1. 10.

    Polar Fox By Delli Aldo Military Combat Style Lace up Calf High Boots

Coombat Boot 10

I love short combat boots; they tend to be more comfortable and easy to wear. This Polar Fox combat boot features synthetic leather upper and a rubber sole, you can wear it with both skinny jeans and normal relaxed fit jeans. I recommend them to people who are not used to wearing combat boots, this is a good start for you.


  • Shoe type 1:- amzn.to/11Y5Xea
  • Shoe type 2:- bit.ly/10eWSn0
  • Shoe type 3:- bit.ly/17JsILl
  • Shoe type 4:- bit.ly/14ZTHMn
  • Shoe type 5:- bit.ly/18BzP9D
  • Shoe type 6:- bit.ly/11Y6gpj
  • Shoe type 7:- bit.ly/17Jt1Wy
  • Shoe type 8:- bit.ly/12ptBGC
  • Shoe type 9:- bit.ly/19uzLb8
  • Shoe type 10:- amzn.to/13GR5TZ


In general, combat boots match with skinny jeans and narrow leg jeans, most of these boots have the same style, so you will find that their just a few options of matching these boots. For newbie’s, I suggest you start with short combat boots, one you get used, you can advance to the real above the ankle combat boots. You can’t wear these boots to a job interview or office, these are casual shoes not career shoes.

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