Best Conditioners for Relaxed & Natural Hair

I love to deep condition my hair I hope you guys do too because it is very essential to our hair because you know sometimes our hair gets really dry and brittle and we need to put in that moisture and nutrients into our hair to make it better, you know what I mean, okay!

The purpose of deep conditioning our hair is to put in that moisture. Reconditioning can be great for damaged hair, okay! It can be great for allowing your hair to be more manageable, giving your hair more shine, more body. So, deep conditioning should be an important part of your regimen and today I want to go ahead and share my favorite conditioners. Some of these conditioners I have reviewed in the past and some of you probably even have them in your bathroom already. So, that’s how popular they are you know.

So I just absolutely love them and I’m going to go started with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment.

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment – Buy it at Amazon


A while back I did a review on the entire Argan Oil line of conditioner, Oh my Gosh! I love this conditioner, this is my staple, and this will forever be in my regimen. Why? Because this conditioner conditions my hair, penetrates into my hair, gives my hair shine, leaves my hair manageable, a lot softer, it gives my hair slip, this is a great deep conditioner. This is the one that I love the most, you can learn more from the product website here.


Number two is the product I’ve been using since the start of my regimen and its start with Aubrey Organic Honey Suckle Rose moisturizing conditioner and I like this a lot because I have to be careful.

Aubrey Organic Honey Suckle Rose moisturizing conditioner

Aubrey Organic Honey Suckle Rose moisturizing conditioner – buy it at Amazon

Sometimes when I condition my hair I feel like part of my hair doesn’t get soft and it doesn’t get conditioned and I need something that will seep into every section of my hair and not only that but will leave it softer and more manageable. Because thick hair can really hard to detangled, okay! You guys who are thick haired, women out there you guys you know what I’m talking about sometimes it’s tough but I love this okay! I use this from the start of my journey two years ago and this has never failed me. I love this so, so much. I absolutely love this because it gives me slip, makes my hair more manageable and it gives me a lot softer hair in the end and my hair is relaxed and much softer all over. You can find out more from the product website here.

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Now, next is the Africa’s Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise, alright!

Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise

Africa’s Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise – buy it at Amazon

This is more like a mid-protein treatment but I still use it as a deep conditioner from time to time because, not only did my hair become stronger because of the protein in it but it also moisturizes my hair so its kind a lot a total package, alright! Now, this is not a hard protein, I would say this is like a mid-protein, yeah! Like a mid-protein conditioner and I love this alot. Once again it gives me shine, gives me lots and lots of slip. There’s wheat germ oil, there’s egg in here, there’s olive oil, mayonnaise of course so you know a lot of good stuff that’s really great for our hair. So, I definitely recommend this, you can even buy it at your local Walgreens!

The next one is by the same company Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pack By Organic; this is really popular olive oil replenishing pack and the reason why I’m being lazy I didn’t buy the bottle.

Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pack By Organic - buy it at Amazon

Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pack By Organic

So, I love the olive oil replenishing pack another part that has never failed me apart that gives me slip and I have been using this since the beginning of my hair journey time and I love this so much. If you guys have never ever, ever tried this please, please! Please! Please! Please! Try this. Pick this! You can buy anywhere Walgreens, CBS, Walmart, Target whatever buy this, try it! You will love it! If you don’t love it then one of the other conditioners you will love but I really, really, really love this a lot, okay! It gives me a lot of slip and just one of the conditioners that I have always had with me and it always delivered. Again, you can buy this at your local Walgreens too!

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And next is the Silicon Mix Hair Treatment another product that has been giving me a lot of slip and shine and manageability.

Silicon Mix Hair Treatment

Silicon Mix Hair Treatment – buy it at Amazon

One of the things about the Silicon Mix that I like is that it’s a ceramide conditioner which is great for damaged and weak hair. Damaged hair is when the hair and hair shaft in the hair are raised up, learn more about what causes damaged hair from Web MD here! So what this conditioner will do and what some other conditioners will do too is they will close the hair shaft and make it a lot smoother. It helps a lot with damaged hair and I never had a problem with my silicon Mix. This product has never failed me and I love this conditioner a lot.

And last but not the least is Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment, another staple that gives me slip, it gives me lot of moisture to my hair.

 Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment

Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment – buy it at Amazon

You can buy this at Sally’s. I don’t think I can give another source of elements I think it’s just Sallys’ that’s distributes elements product but this is a really great moisturizing conditioner guys, I have no complaints. It has vitamins in here and protein that’s really great for your hair, for hair growth that’s flourishes, alright!

I also wanted to talk about enhancing your conditioner. Why enhance my deep conditioner? You know there are lots of ways. The number one ways is to add a thing or two, for example, if you had favorite oil, add your favorite oil too, olive oil, coconut oil whatever. You can also add some milk or acid too, or honey too if you want to. Get under a hair dryer. Even better get under to a hair steamer! If you want to you can deep condition overnight, wake up in the morning and wash out. So those are different ways to enhance your deep conditioner, reconditioning experience. Also when your hair is wet it is very, very fragile. So a lot of women like to deep condition and then detangle the hair in the shower (which I like to do) and if you do that make sure you wipe your comb and do not use a rattle comb or a brush on your wet hair, or you are asking breakage! So, make sure you have a smooth, white tooth comb, I have a white smooth comb that I have been using for about 2 years now and it’s been perfect. When your hair is wet please be very, very gentle alright!

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So that’s the end of this article, I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you have any questions, of course please let me know in the comments below! xx

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