Hey guys! This article is about the best and worst shampoos and conditioners. I’m going to start by sharing my experiments with you guys on the shampoos that did not work very well with my type of hair. I have colored treated hair and it’s important that the shampoos and conditioners that I use leave my hair soft and manageable. So what I want to do first is show you the shampoos that I’ve tried and rate the very best and worst!

Let’s start with one of the worst shampoos! First is Pantene Pro-V this one is Classic Care solution 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner.

The WORST conditioner - my hair fell out! Pantene Pro-V Classic Care solution 2 in 1 Shampoo

The WORST conditioner – my hair fell out! Pantene Pro-V Classic Care solution 2 in 1 Shampoo

I used Pantene like crazy and I didn’t understand why my hair was falling out. So, as an adult I learned Pantene (specifically Pantene) does so much damage to my hair and makes my hair fall off. So, like I said this shampoo is maybe the worst I have tried and I would not recommend this to anyone. I did a little online research and found that the hair loss thing does not happen to everybody but it did to me and I didn’t want to recommend a shampoo that’s make your hair fall off. So, yeah, this shampoo was a disaster for me!


The next shampoo is called the Glossy Locks, its honey coconut shampoo. I bought this shampoo and conditioner because I read so many reviews and everybody was bragging about how great it was and I bought it and unfortunately it’s not for my type of hair.

Glossy locks shampoo conditioner

Glossy locks shampoo conditioner


For some weird reason maybe its for non-colored treated hair but my hair was hard I mean the texture was rough, so it’s like this, its smell delicious you know it really does but yeah! The condition, I guess what turn me on about this and how everybody was bragging about it you now, I would try anything once you know just to say that I tried it but what I really love about buying these two products is that it said 100% natural and 100% Bigen and that was you know I was like great that’s what I’m looking for natural shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner was very think, very think, it goes out like this, its smells delicious I give them that, it smells delicious but again it wasn’t for my hair. So, I am not going to say don’t buy this product like I would say with the Pantene you can go ahead and try it but right now I only use this once and unfortunately you know they’re just going to end up being a product I’m going to end up washing my brushes as well.

So the next shampoo is this one, this one is called Fast. This one is called Fast and this is the conditioner and I wanted to try this shampoo not because what it cleans but I wanted to try something new I was getting frustrated, Oh! My God! I need to find a shampoo and conditioner that’s going to I’m going to wash my hair and then wear put a conditioner after I wash my hair that wants to make my hair soft that’s why I bought this. But this are supposed to used up I mean 4 to 5 I mean a scalpers.   This supposed to make your hair grow fast and not that I need it because my hair naturally grows fast and I used coconut oil to help my hair grow so I really need this. I would just want to try it so that I can say I tried it, I know it sounds crazy but I have used it, it’s almost gone and but I’ll never replace this shampoos. The shampoo honestly, it dries out my hair, every time I wash it, it was just completely dry out my hair. The conditioner was okay is like runny you know it doesn’t really smell that good either it’s like conditioner, you can even hear it you know it’s like runny you know, I don’t know, it just you know it’s sad that you know you have to go through like these shampoos and conditioners to find the right one that you really love and you know and you can feel good about washing your hair and not worry about drying out your hair feeling brittle afterwards but this yeah! And all these shampoos and conditioners that I am you know bringing up to put descriptions and links to these shampoos and you can decide whether these are the shampoos that you want to try that these shampoos that don’t work for you and you know if you have experiencing the same thing, share them with me because sometimes I feel like I’m crazy, I’m thinking that maybe you know the right shampoo and conditioners is not out there for me but I know it exist.

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In fact, I’ll show you some of the shampoos, one of the shampoos I found and the conditioner I found that actually works well with my hair. Let’s see!

So the next one I bought is from local Indian store, is a coconut shampoo, I bought it because it was herbal and you know, I don’t know I just, and it said it was for dry hair and I used it once. Thank God I only paid for $0.99 for it but I only used it once and again it dried out my hair, my hair felt really hard and like uhh! Here we go again. So it sounds like I’m bringing back but it’s already open and I use it but then again this will be another shampoo used to wash my hair and my brush with.

So just recently I went on line and I was doing more research because I’m still looking for the . . . you know that the shampoo and conditioner that’s one to help my hair and I went to Wallgreens and I picked up this. This is a repair and transition kit. I was very excited to buy this. I was so excited that when I went on line, and I said Oh! My God! I need to buy that shampoo and conditioner it’s definitely what I need. This is it like I found the product. I found the product for my hair. So I went and bought it. And it came with all these wonderful things. It came with the deep treatment masque, it came with the shampoo, it came with the conditioner and it came with the spray to construct of damage hair. This is like a hair gloss thing. So yeah! As you can tell, I used it, because I couldn’t wait to use it. This is the shampoo, this is the conditioner, this is the deep treatment and this is the gloss. Guys! Love the shampoo, loved it, loved it! once I put the conditioner into my hair after I washed it and I put conditioner in my hair, my hair was hard, it was so hard, I mean I can even tell you I think that these products are for natural non-chemical treated hair because I’m telling you my hair was hard then after I did the conditioner I put in the deep masque it got even harder, okay! I didn’t know what to do with my hair. So, I have this $10.00 that I got from my local beauty supply store Sophia as in Satinique that’s how I pronounced it SATINIQUE. This was the only product that was able to save me with my when my hair got hard with the Shae moisture products. I’m telling you. . . I’m telling you . . . I have had the worst luck with shampoos and conditioner and I feel bad because you know I really, I you know this had, this shae moisture products is amazing repair chemical treated hair, hello! That me, restore moisture and transition to natural healthy hair maybe that I missed that, maybe transition to natural, maybe is for people that you know have relaxers you know and their transitioning or something, I don’t know, I never relaxed my hair ever, I just color dyeing and I do rollers and I’m done. So, yeah! That being worked for me, I wish that I knew someone that I can give these products soon.

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This is another shampoo that I have to share with you that I think it’s awesome, I love this shampoo. This one is from Valtika, this is a root strength shampoo with deep conditioner coconut milk and almond, I love this shampoo and in fact when I wash my hair with this shampoo its semi-soft you know it says it has conditioner but it is just shampoo in my type of hair because I you know I color treated, I put highlights and you know I retouched my roots so you know whatever. You know for the fact that this is just a shampoo and it has a little bit of conditioner in it still it makes my hair you know leaves my hair pretty soft. I can’t complaint almost done I do, I have ordered this on line and I have seen it on my Gloco Indian Store but I haven’t seen them around my house but you know again you can find this on line and I can provide the link for this one. But I like it, its smells nice, it’s just . . . it’s just . . . opps! You know it’s just like this you know whatever, it works . . . it works, for like I said it works for my type of hair makes my hair leaves my hair soft, its smells good and it’s supposed to you know make your roots stronger. So, that’s one of the reason why I bought this especially again when you color treat your hair you always have to make sure you deep conditioned you hair you know take care of it so it doesn’t fall out. So, this is an awesome shampoo. This is my A list, okay! So, like a couple of years ago, I went to like a Dominican store and I asked you know, do you have shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, for hair that falls out because you know you color treated whatever. So, the guy there said well, I have this one KUZ for hair lost and it comes with a conditioner and so these are . . . these are the products, KUZ!  This is the shampoo, this is the conditioner and I mean I love this shampoo. This is my second time around, if I fail with this, I decided to try this and I used it for a couple of years ago I stopped using it and I started using them up again because I didn’t do really didn’t have much longer with the other shampoos but yeah! This is for hair lost shampoo and the conditioner. This is the only conditioner, I have to say that after I wash my hair and I remove the excess blotter, this is the conditioner, it smells good too and I put some of the conditioner it actually leaves my hair soft. So, definitely I’m going to be using this. These two products for a long time because I need that, I need a conditioner that’s going to soften my hair and I’m able to come through it. So, yeah! These are the products I’m going to end up staying for a while until I can find you know if there’s you know something else out there for me, that will work for me but right now these are the products that I’m going to stick with. So okay, I just want to say, thank you for all my new subscribers my new fans on my Facebook Fan Page, really appreciate all the support you guys have given me this past year and I’m looking forward to sharing more products with you but I do have other products that I have picked up along the way that I love to share with you, oils, my new oil regimen you know just different things that you guys area always interested about.

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So okay guys, I have to go now, thanks for reading, please tell me about your best and worst shampoos and conditioners – what experiences do you have?

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