Hey what’s up everyone! I recently did an article about the best shampoo for black / African-American hair. So, now I want to review some conditioners. Now, these are the conditioners that I’ve used and I think that are really, really good. Like I’ve said if you have something that you used and it works for you and you are seeing great results then stick with it, okay!

The first conditioner that I want to show you is one of my favorite and this is Avlon Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner.

Reviews of Avlon Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner

Avlon Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner

This conditioner will make your hair soft so, so soft, okay! And it gives good slip coverage. What I mean about good slip coverage is that as soon as you put into your hair, your hair is going to feel so soft that you’re going to be able to run the comb through your hair easily. Like me, my hair is very, very tangled easily so I need a good conditioner that’s going to really make the hair soft. So, I can easily detangle my hair and comb through it. This conditioner does that, okay! It’s really good because it helps with split ends, and it helps with breakage and it smells really, really, good, okay! So look this up here Avlon Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner, or check the product website here, you will see a lot of good reviews about it because this is a really, really good conditioner, okay!


Another conditioner that I used is the ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor and I’ve been using this for a while and it’s good.

Reviews of ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor

ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor

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It helps with breakage, it’s just . . . it’s really good. If you use relaxers it’s good for that. If you’re using a lot of flat iron tools, curling irons this conditioner helps again with the thermal appliances, it helps against the breakage and it makes your hair so soft too. So, that’s the good thing about it. This is like a protein conditioner but it still makes your hair soft at the same time. So, I would definitely recommend it, okay! Again, you can check the product website here for more information.

Another conditioner that I used is Global Keratin GK Deep Conditioner that I would use in an emergency.

Reviews of Global Keratin GK Deep Conditioner

Global Keratin GK Deep Conditioner


Now, this is expensive but it really, really works, okay! Or you could use the Aphoogee two steps process both of them. I used both of them they work really, really, really good. But just this one here is very expensive. You can see more information on the product website here.  I think, I paid about 15 -16 dollars for a basically 7 ounce bottle but it works really good, okay! It’s the same process as Aphoogee, put it on your hair, okay! And then you go on the hooded dryer, you can use a blow dryer and your hair gets a real stiff and real hard and you have to make sure at that stage that you don’t mess with your hair, that you don’t try you know manipulate your hair because your hair will break off, okay! You have to wait ‘till you wash and the natural and start manipulate in it but this is really, really good. If you look it up you’re going to see good reviews about it and this is good after a relax hair (like a week after having your relax hair) you could do a treatment like this or a week before you do your relax hair, you do this to treat your hair for the relaxant for the following weeks. So, this is good also, okay!

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Something out here that I love to use because I like to switch off my conditioner depending on how my hair feels, if my hair feels like a little bit more protein, a little bit more strength then I used protein conditioner because it look like a little bit more moisture and moisturizing then I’ll use the Kera Care, okay!

Something else that I use is Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream, okay! I have been using this for years already.

Reviews of Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream

Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream

I will use it every week; I use it like I switched up conditioner so probably maybe once a month, maybe even if that and this is really good. It gives your hair a lot of slippage also it has panthenol in it (see product website) and it just strengthens and moisturizes your hair and its good for damaged hair.

Finally I also use Creme of Nature Moisture Extreme Conditioner and it works great.

Creme of Nature Moisture Extreme Conditioner

Creme of Nature Moisture Extreme Conditioner

You know I don’t use it most of the time, the one that I build-up more but is it still good. Also another one that you could try is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner (commonly known as ORS replenishing pak).

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner - ORS

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner – ORS

I use it alot just like a light protein treatment and its really good also or you can get those or you can order this products at the beauty supplies store or if you want to try our new conditioners to see how your hair going to like it because just because one person use one thing for their hair and they have great results does not mean all the time that you’re going to have that results because everybody here is different but most of the time these conditioners it will work but in a beauty supply store they should have a little packet samples of conditioners and shampoos, that’s a good way to test the product in your hair to see if it works good for you by buying a little sample pack. Like I bought a little sample pack of the Kerotene Reconstruct Hair, I liked it and I bought a small bottle. So, that’s a good way for trying out conditioner to see if it’s going to work for your hair type, okay!

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And that’s it for today; I want to thank you for reading. Please add share your thought in the comments section below, what are your favorite conditioners?

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