What To Wear with Oxfords Men

Originally, Oxfords were plain, formal shoes, made of leather but they evolved into a range of styles suitable for both formal and casual wear. Based on function and the dictates of fashion, Oxfords are now made from a variety of materials, including calf leather, patent leather, suede, and canvas. They are normally black or brown, and may be plain or patterned (Brogue).



What To Wear with Oxfords Men

What To Wear with Oxfords Men



Oxford shoes differ in styles; some are career oxford shoes while others are casual oxford shoes. You can wear oxford shoes to work, on weekends, to a party or any other place, what matters is complementing them with the correct fashion trends. Most of these Oxfords have laces, so if you don’t want to wear lace-up shoes, I suggest you opt for Loafers.


Today on Olixe, I have compiled a list of the best Oxford shoes every man should have, on this list, you will find different types of oxfords, so, you will probably find your choice. I have briefly listed tips on what to wear with each oxford.

NOTE: Links to stores where you can buy these Oxford shoes for men are listed at the end of this post.



  1. 1.

    Clifton’ Oxford

    Bass Men's Clifton-1 Oxford - Buy it at Amazon

    Bass Men’s Clifton-1 Oxford (also in Navy color) – Buy it at Amazon


This light canvas Clifton oxford shoe (also available in Navy) has a trendy style which will make you look fashionable. I personally love oxford shoes because of their uniqueness. This is the kind of shoe you can wear with any fashion trend and that is the reason why it makes it number one on this list of top ten oxford shoes. I have seen top celebrities like David Beckham wearing these canvas oxfords. The shoe features canvas upper, and a rubber sole with extra foot support and comfort. You can style this oxford shoe in so many ways; let’s see what you can wear with this canvas oxford shoe.

Tip 1: Team this shoe with a navy brown trouser, make sure the trouser has no pleats on the front, and then complement the navy trouser with a sky-blue dress shirt. If you want to add value to your style, you can wear a black trench coat or blazer; this will depend on the weather.

Tip 2: Since the shoe has a career style, you can team it with a suit. In this case, you can opt for a black suit, navy blue suit, white suit or gray suit. The light canvas color looks good on those outfits, but you should complement the shoes with a walnut leather belt.

  1. 2.

    Cole Haan Men’s Air Carter Cap Toe

This Cole Haan Men’s Air Carter Cap Toe is a casual oxford shoe. Unlike the shoe in position (1), you can match this shoe with casual outfits. It features a leather upper, rubber sole, leather lining and a soft cushion which makes them comfortable. Judging from its casual style, let’s see what you can wear with these Oxford shoes:

Tip 1:- You can team it with a simple fade denim straight leg jean, if possible, opt for jeans with very few damages, and then complement the jeans with flannel shirt and an horizontal stripped sweater, if it’s winter season or cold evening, you can wear a velvet blazer over the sweater. Make sure the collar of the flannel shirt is stiff enough because it has to stand out. Add value to this trend by folding the bottom of the jeans just above the ankle.

  1. 3.

    Mark Nason Skechers Men’s Bartime Oxford

I love the style and shape of this oxford shoe, the suede look makes these oxfords the best casual shoes every man should own. If you don’t like the blue suede, fortunately the shoe comes in many other cool colors. This shoe features suede and leather upper, leather lining, and a rubber sole which makes them durable.

Did you know that Oxford shoes are also known as Brogues? (in the UK and Ireland)

What to wear with these blue suede Oxford Shoe?

Tip 1:- You can team this oxford shoe with straight denim jeans. You can play this trend in a simple way by matching your blue denim jeans with a white long sleeved dress shirt; however, you can fold the sleeves of the shirt and complement the shoes with a brown leather belt.

  1. 4.

    Clarks Men’s Jink Oxford

Oxford Shoes For Men - Clarks Men's Jink Oxford

Clarks Men’s Jink Oxford – Buy it at Amazon

Clarks is well known for making very ugly comfortable durable shoes. If you want comfort, then Clarks are the best shoes to buy. I guess most of you have never seen an oxford shoe from Clarks, this type is quite unique, it has a chukka style which makes it look different from the rest of oxfords on this list. This Clark Men’s Jink Oxford features Chestnut Suede, leather lining, synthetic man-made sole, and a comfortable cushion.

So, what can you wear with these Chestnut Suede Oxfords?

Tip 1:- Judging from their style, you can team them with jeans. However, they have a classic style, so opt for classic simple fade denim jeans. Also slim fit chinos and khaki pants will look good on these shoes.

Tip 2:- If you love wearing shorts with oxford shoes, then this is one of the trends of oxfords you can match with shorts. Khaki shorts will be my best guess.

  1. 5.

    Allen Edmonds Men’s Neumok Lace-Up

Oxford Shoes For Men - Allen Edmonds Men's Neumok Lace-Up

Allen Edmonds Men’s Neumok Lace-Up – Buy it at Amazon

Neumok’ Oxford shoes come in four different colors, brown, blue, olive green and red. So you will have many ways of styling these shoes. You can style these oxfords with various casual outfits, it has a brogue style which makes it unique from the rest of oxfords on this list. This shoe features leather upper, leather lining and leather sole which guarantee durability.

So, lets see how you can style these Neumok’ Oxfords?

Tip 1:- You can team them with a suit. I know they look a bit casual, but you will look fashionable if you wear them with suits. Have you seen guys who where suits without socks, they either wear loafers or such oxfords.

Tip 2:- You can also wear them with chino pants. If you love color blocking, you can wear these brown oxfords with an orange chino, make sure you fold the bottom of the chinos just above the ankle, don’t wear socks with this trend, and then complement the chinos with a light blue shirt and a navy blue double breast blazer.

  1. 6.

    Clarks Men’s Norse Wing Oxford

Another classic comfortable shoe by Clarks, at least this one has a fashionable design compared to shoe (4). This Clarks Men’s Norse Wing Oxford shoe can be matched with both formal and casual trends. It features rich antiqued leather for a genuine aged look and feel, and a rubber sole. You can team these shoes with straight leg denim jeans and chino pants. So if you’re looking for simple career shoes, you can opt for these Clarks Men’s Norse Wing Oxfords.

Judging from their design, I doubt if these Clarks can match with a suit, in most cases, round toe shoes don’t look good on suits, so opt for jeans and chino pants.

  1. 7. Cole Haan ‘Air Garrett’ Cap Toe Oxford

Oxford Shoes For Men - Cole Haan 'Air Garrett' Cap Toe Oxford

Cole Haan ‘Air Garrett’ Cap Toe Oxford – Buy it at Amazon

Every man will love this black Air Garrett’ Cap Toe Oxford shoe, it is a formal shoe, so you can wear it to the office, party or business meeting. Make sure you complement it with classy trends. The shoe features leather upper, lace-up style, leather lining and a rubber sole which makes them durable.

What to wear with these black oxford shoes for men?

Tip 1:- Black is a neutral color, so it will match with almost any trend. You can wear any type of suit with these black formal oxford shoes. However, you should opt for slim-fit suits; also complement these oxfords with a black belt. If the suit is black, opt for a slim fit white dress shirt and a black slim tie.

Tip 2:- For those who don’t like to wear suits, you can team these oxfords with a trouser. You can wear black, grey or navy blue trousers with this black formal oxford shoe.

  1. 8.

    Magnanni Men’s Santiago Oxford

Oxford Shoes For Men - Magnanni Men's Santiago Oxford

Magnanni Men’s Santiago Oxford – Buy it at Amazon

WOW, this is a lovely dress shoe, you can wear this classy oxford to any place or occasion. Even though they look formal, you can team them with jeans and chinos. This Magnanni Men’s Santiago Oxford features leather upper, leather sole which makes them durable.

Now, let’s see what you can wear with these Santiago oxford shoes?

Tip 1:- Team these Santiago oxfords with a gray trouser. Santiago oxfords match well with gray so you will look smart in this trend. To add value, complement this trend with a white dress shirt and a slim gray tie.

Tip 2:- You can wear them with a suit. In this case, we have four colors you can opt for and these include, black, gray, navy blue and white. Complement this shoe with a Catania Cognac leather belt.

Tip 3:- Let’s go casual now, team them with blue or black denim straight leg jeans. To look stylish, you can wear a white polo dress shirt, then accessorize with black ray-ban sunglasses.

  1. 9.

    Irish Setter Men’s Soft Paw WP Oxford Casual Shoe

At first glance all you see is style, but one step in this Soft Paw oxford from Irish Setter, you’ll realize it’s full of so much more. It has a leather upper with a moisture-wicking airmesh lining, a memory foam insole with a Scentban odor inhibitor, and a lightweight, yet durable rubber outsole.

You can wear these shoes with jeans. Avoid flared jeans because they have a wide bottom which covers the beauty of the shoe. To look fashionable, you can wear a slim fit straight leg denim jean, fold the bottom of the jeans and complement the trend with gray dress shirt. Then accessorize with a stripped buscoat and a navy blue linen blazer.

  1. 10.

    Stacy Adams Men’s Atwell Oxford

This is incredibly beautiful and comfortable dress shoe from Stacy Adams’ Atwell oxford has a square toe to add a modern flair. It features leather upper, breathable leather lining and manmade sole. This is a career shoe which you can team with any formal trend.

So, let’s see what you can wear with this dark brown oxford shoe?

Tip 1:- Team this shoe with a gray trouser. Complement your trend with a black dress shirt and black socks. Then complement them with a dark brown leather belt. For those who love suits, my best guess is a navy blue suit; match your blue suit with a white or pink dress shirt and a slim navy blue tie. Please, don’t wear jeans with this type of oxford; you can opt for shoe (8) if you want to look smart in jeans and oxford shoes.


Feel free to ask a question or leave your comments and thoughts below…

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  • Gina Gomez

    My son has a pair of Stacy Adams black and white oxford portello shoes and wants to wear them with a light grey suit… Would they go?

    • Yes, Black and White colors are neutral, so they can both look good on Grey

    • Gina Gomez

      Thank you! He looked awesome at prom! Aww wanted to attach a pic but it’s too big 🙁

      • that sounds good, your welcome