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This wedding might be yours or it might be for your best friend or even your daughter / son. So, you probably need to go for an outfit which will complete this ceremonial day, I guarantee everybody will dress to impress so that they get the attention they deserve, so, just imagine a big crowd of over 200 people all dressed in trendy wedding outfits. I guess nobody wants to feel embarrassed, or fear to take photos with the newly wedded couple just because you have a non-trendy wedding outfit!






Use some of the tips and inspirations I have listed here, surprise everyone with any of these outfits, get the attention you have been craving for, if your single, you might end up with a date, ‘’that is if your not the bride / groom or the parent. If you want to buy any of these outfits for wedding, I have listed shopping links below each set, copy the links in your browser and go to that shop.


White is a primary color which makes it versatile and easy to wear. I see many women wearing white dresses to weddings, but this Peplum lace shift dress has its own class and style, it features some kind of crochet design and a silver belt which will trim and outline your waistline. I know you might have some trendy white dresses, but I doubt if they compete with the elegance of this white Peplum dress.



In this set, I have matched a white dress with black see trough pumps, the floral designs in the pumps match with the dress, so without doubt, you will look fabulous, all eyes will be on you, it is the best outfit for wedding guests. To add value to this style, I complemented it with a black studded chain strap clutch and I accessorized the trend with a white & gold pearl necklace. However, for the sake of the bangles, I prefer a mixture of white & gold because such a mix will match with the white dress and the gold sole pointed pumps.

Now that you have pulled this outfit in an amazing way, you also need to pimp your face / looks in general, it makes no sense to wear such an amazing outfit and leave your cute passport un-attended to. So, in this case, I suggest you work on those eyelashes with ARTISTRY® Length & Definition Mascara, this definition mascara will extend your eyelashes up to 70% and they will stay perfect the all day.


Option 1: If you did not like the Peplum dress featured in the set above, you can try another type of dress, but make sure it goes with the occasion. For example, you can wear a white and metallic-silver floral knitted dress. To look fabulous in this trend, you can complement the dress with a luxe white jacket. And then wear white ankle strap pointed heel sandals which you can match with a white perforated tote bag. When it comes to accessorizing such a trend, you can opt for gold pearl strand necklace.

Option 2: How about playing it simple and casual, you might not need to go for those complicated trends, all you need is something you can wear and feel free but elegant at the same time. So, if this is your goal, you can wear a white and black shift dress, this type of dress is sleeveless and short, so get one which fits you well. Complement it with a band choker rose gold necklace and black pointed strap pumps, and then for the bag, let’s opt for a knuckle box clutch. You can as well wear some red lipsticks to spice up your looks.

Option 3: If you still need more options, you can try a white plaid Organza sleeveless dress, this type of dress comes with a waist belt which will trim your waistline, opt for one which stops just around the knees, and then complement it with pink strap high heeled sandals. However, to look fashionable, you need to match the pink heeled sandals with glossy hit color bag which features both white & pink. If you’re a great fan of hats, you can complement this trend with a white straw hat.



  • ARTISTRY® Length & Definition Mascara :- bit.ly/19Ibmwb
  • Lace Peplum Shift Dress :- bit.ly/15Tf3vS
  • Metallic Stiletto Pumps :- bit.ly/1g1at3i
  • Chain Strap Clutch :- bit.ly/14G3IEn
  • Row Pearl Necklace :- bit.ly/1arp2fU
  • Indian Bangle Set :- bit.ly/8Zb7Qz
  • Connie Ring :- bit.ly/15TiNNL


What to wear to your Best Friend Wedding - Satin Dress

What to wear to your Best Friend Wedding – Satin Dress


  • Floral Sequin Lace Boobtube Belted Frill Shift Peplum Midi Skirt Dress – $35.99
  • Fashion Wardrobe Lace Peplum Midi Dress Contrast Insert Panel Top Belted – $35.49
  • Women Metallic Spiked Stiletto Platform High Heel Pump – $30.50
  • Pretty Strapless Black Red Satin Floral Printed Ruffles Evening Gown – $69.99
  • Miusol Women’s Cap Sleeve Square Neck Bandage Dress – $32.00



A time comes when your long time childhood best friend has to get married and start a new life with someone you barely know, but, this can’t be changed because it is the order of the day, however, you will still be friends, so you have to celebrate with your best friend on their wedding day. Since you have been too close, your expected to dress in an amazing & appropriate manner, the way you present your self will show how much you respect them and treasure that day, so, please don’t opt for trousers or skirts, the best outfit should be that satin dress I have featured in the set above, however, if you have a cool satin dress better than the one I have featured, you have all the freedom to wear that dress.

In the fashion set above I have featured a teal satin strapless gown dress, and then matched it with trendy color block pumps which feature teal / black and peach. To complement the trend, you can opt for a peach clutch. This is a very simple outfit, but you need to accessorize with appropriate earrings and necklace.

Remember, you need to take photo shoots with your newly wed best friend, so you have to spice up your face with ARTISTRY® Shimmer Loose Powder, it will highlight your beauty in an amazing way, this Shimmer Loose Powder is enriched with light reflecting pigments, which will reduce the appearance of imperfections.


Option 1: If you didn’t like the strapless dress for your best friend wedding, then you can go for a one shoulder gown dress. When it comes to colors, you should opt for lovely colors such as teal , blue , purple, pink , yellow, electric green / blue and white, I don’t recommend a black dress for your best friend’s wedding, black has a very strange message in some places, I’m sure your happy that your best friend is starting a new life, so, show that happiness through bright colors. For the sake of shoes, you can opt for high heeled sandals.

Option 2: If you’re bored with gown dresses, then you need some thing exclusive, the kind of outfit which is casual yet elegant, and in this case, i suggest you opt for a floral print dress. Let’s say your dress has some yellow /purple / white floral prints, you can style it with a yellow jacket, white pumps and a yellow clutch. For the accessories, you can opt for yellow & white earrings and a gold necklace.

Option 3: You read about the gown / floral print dress, but still, you have failed to make a choice, why don’t you try out an Embellished prom dress, it is a two in one dresses which will make you look fabulous at your best friend’s wedding, so why don’t you give it a try and see if you look nice. This type of dress is short and it has pleats which run from the chest to the bottom, you can spice it up with ankle strap heeled sandals and a satin clutch.

Option 4: Convincing you might be a problem at this point, but chic, i will not give up. I know you have issues with making decisions, so try the color blocking style. In this case, you can wear a color-block pleated dress which features peach & neon blue and then complement the dress with a neon stand collar jacket. For the shoes, you can opt for yellow block wedges; however, match the shoes with a yellow clutch bag. For the accessories, I suggest you try out pink drop earrings and a neon & gold ring. Hope this last option works for you. If not, go follow the next post below.


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  • ARTISTRY® Shimmer Loose Powder :- bit.ly/17NaCIA
  • Strapless Gown Dress :- bit.ly/1g1ccWg
  • Color Block Stiletto Pumps :- bit.ly/1arqxLa
  • Drop Earrings :- bit.ly/13NuRCE
  • Clutch :- bit.ly/1e3nUmI






Strapless dress comes in different types, some are gowns, prom, body con or lace dresses, so you don’t have to run out of options simply because the one I have featured in the set above doesn’t score the marks as you expected. When it comes to fashion, every one has their own test, but we all have to follow guidelines on what to wear and when to wear it, other wise, you would not see trends classified for weddings or parties

In this set, I have featured a cross bandage sleeveless dress, it has a body con style, so if you have a curvy body shape and a small / trimmed stomach, you will look fabulous in this dress. If you’re skinny, please give up on such outfits, because they look better on women with curves and a little bit of weight. Please, don’t take it badly, on this list their so many outfits for small / skinny people. Since our bandage dress has multiple bright colors, you can complement it with a yellow blazer, peach studded shoulder bag and studded color-block pump.

Hope you look good in this outfit, if the answer is yes, please spice up your looks as well, you don’t need to apply too much makeup to look beautiful, all you need is ARTISTRY® 3D Face Powder, this face powder will give you a new customizable look, bringing out all facial features hence making you beautiful.


Option 1: Bandage dresses differ in style, if your body shape does not look good the bandage dress I have featured in the set above, you can try a flared-hem bandage dress, this type of dress is not tight and it flares as it drapes down, so it will not over exaggerate your body shape which puts you on the safe side. To trendy in a flared-hem bandage dress, you can match it with a short lapel jacket and crystals embellished high heeled sandals, and then complement the all trend with a box clutch.

Option 2:Slim ladies with curvy body shapes, you can also look good in tight bandage style dresses, simply make sure the dress fits you well so that it outlines the curves and that thin waistline. Since these dresses come in different colors, you need to choose a cool color which will look good on your best friend’s wedding. For example, you can wear a peach bandage dress and complement it with hot pink pointed pumps and a hot pink clutch. To add value to your looks, you can wear some hot pink lipstick to match with the shoes & clutch bag.

Option 3: How about wearing a red bandage dress with a black jacket, this can be an amazing outfit which requires less styling, so if you have issues with color mixing, I suggest you opt for a safe option. In this case, you can complement the red bandage dress with caged high heeled sandals and then complement the trend with a black cigarette case box clutch. If you want to accessorize this trend, you can opt for a lace effect black necklace. Simplicity is part of fashion, sometimes you need to play it safe and simple.

Option 4: Not everyone wants to play it safe and simple, so you might need to take things to the next level, your goal is to dress and impress your best friend on their wedding day. So, in this case, you can wear an ivory shoulder bandage dress with a red flared trench coat, and then complement this outfit with leopard print calf hair pumps. To accessorize this trend, you can opt for a gold box clutch and a smoky Quartz White gild ring, since you have a red trench coat, the best color for lipstick should be red.


  • – ARTISTRY® 3D Face Powder :- bit.ly/14iuvGB
  • Bandage Dress :- bit.ly/1arrBPb
  • Yellow Blazer :- bit.ly/1fylDMF
  • Quilted leather Petite Bag :- bit.ly/15kJv5C
  • Open Toe Platform Sandals :- bit.ly/CJg5
  • Triangle Earrings :- bit.ly/1eiL5KZ



What to Wear to a Wedding Plus Size - Wear a Satin Dress

What to Wear to a Wedding Plus Size – Wear a Satin Dress


If you’re a wedding guest, you probably need to opt for a wedding outfit which is trendy. Remember, you’re not the only guest who has been invited, so, save your self from being embarrassed, because the rest of the guest are more likely to dress in an appropriate manner. I know, you have your own fashion skills and ideas, but when it comes to a wedding day, not every trendy outfit in your wardrobe can be worn to a wedding.

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In this set, I have kept every thing simple; I matched a metallic silver pleated satin dress with a gold chain ankle strap heeled sandal, and I complimented the sandals with an ivory designer clutch. To accessorize the outfit, I opted for a crystal necklace. If you suspect the weather to change during the day, you better carry a black trendy cardigan with you.

Spicing up your lips might not be a bad idea, but we shall need to opt for some thing trendy and cool, so, I suggest you go for ARTISTRY® Sheer Lip Color , this lip color is enriched with aloe and it will keep your lips smooth and soft.


Option 1: You probably want to try out something different, that satin dress i featured in the set above didn’t impress you. How about wearing a crystal belt ruched-tulled dress, this type of dress has a similar flared style like the dress in the set above, I will not dictate the color at this point, but black should not be an option. Let’s say that your dress is green, match it with a green jacket and a black clutch and then complement the trend with yellow pumps and accessorize with gold earrings and necklace. Just be creative and make your own style with a crystal belt ruched-tulle dress.

Option 2: How about wearing a wool long sleeve shirt dress which has a flared skirt and pleats at the front, this type of dress is very rare but if you get one with nice prints, you will look fabulous. Complement this type of dress with black see-through tights and black royal waterproof bootie; a black suede clutch will play the trick in this style. Remember to go for a printed flared long sleeved shirt dress, plain colors will not look good with this style.

Option 3: If you love floral print dresses, then give up on the other options and follow these tips. Wear a strapless print dress and complement it with a wide sleeve jacket. However, some color mixing knowledge is required, because if you mix-match a print dress with a wrong jacket of shoes, the all outfit will look messy. So, let’s take a simple example, get a print strapless dress which features red / orange / blue and yellow prints, this type of dress will match with a blue jacket and blue pumps or heeled sandals.


  • ARTISTRY® Sheer Lip Colour :- bit.ly/17N4LTE
  • Sating Pleated Dress :- bit.ly/1eF34Jb
  • Clutch :- bit.ly/1g1g89B
  • Crystal Necklace :- bit.ly/19238jv






Drop chiffon dresses are one of the most popular outfits for wedding. They come in different colors but they look better in bright colors. You can wear this pink drop chiffon dress to your best friend’s wedding.

In this set, I have a jeweled drop back chiffon pink dress with peach pointed pumps, and then I complemented the trend with a studded skull box pink clutch, this is a very simple outfit, so there is less to talk, all you need to do is to opt for a dress which has cool colors and an appropriate fitting. If you love accessories, you can complement this strapless dress with a darling necklace.


Option 1: For those who are interested in drop back chiffon dresses like the one i have featured in the set above but you don’t like the pink color, you can opt for a neon green drop back dress. Get one with a custom attached belt, this will outline your waistline and give you a cool body figure. If the waist belt is silver / metallic, you can complement the dress with silver pumps.

Option 2: If you love white, you can try to wear a pleated drop back chiffon maxi dress to a wedding, this type of dress is a little bit similar to the one i have featured in the set above, however, it has a sleeveless style with straps and its front is cut shorter just like a high low dress. White is a neutral color, so you can easily match it with any trend. For example, you can wear a white pleated chiffon dress with red high heel sandals and complement this trend with a red clutch.

Option 3: For those who don’t like drop back dresses, but have interest in chiffon trends, you can try a flutter- sleeve pleated chiffon dress. Both young girls and mature women can wear this type of dress to a wedding, and it also comes in various colors. However, my favorite is blue, you style this dress with black heeled strap sandals and a slim black belt to trim your waistline. In most cases, this type of dress has small pleats which start from the waistline and drop downwards; most of them have flared style which will make you look younger and beautiful.



  • ARTISTRY® Shimmer Loose Powder :- bit.ly/17NaCIA
  • ARTISTRY® Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 :- bit.ly/1cO82Bx
  • ARTISTRY® Lip Gloss – Sheer Coverage :- bit.ly/18r9qaf
  • Jewelled Drop Back Chiffon Dress :- bit.ly/18Vhvmk
  • Pumps :- bit.ly/14MkFb8
  • Clutch :- bit.ly/1b6DD3t


6WEAR A LACE DRESS TO A WEDDING:- A perfect outfit for wedding guests or parents of the newly wed couple, this is a mature set up, so young girls, opt for other outfits, this one will make you look older. As a wedding guest or parent, you’re expected to dress in an appropriate manner, your integrity will be judged basing on what you wear to a wedding, so, opting for an outfit similar to the one I have featured below is a wise trendy idea.

What To Wear To a Wedding - WEAR A LACE DRESS TO A WEDDING



In this set, I have featured a sky blue lace dress, you can wear this dress with a printed jacket, if possible, you get the jacket i have featured in the set, simply find the store link below this post, however, if you fail to get that particular jacket, you can opt for something related, make sure the prints in that jacket complement the sky blue lace dress. To add value to this trend, I matched the outfit with a red clutch and blue pointed pumps.

This is a prefect outfit for wedding guests, but don’t forget to spice up your looks with that ARTISTRY® Lip Gloss – Full Coverage, red lips will complement the red clutch and the blue dress so you will look lovely and fabulous.


Option 1: If you don’t like the sky blue lace dress i have featured above, you can opt for a red lace sleeveless dress, however, these dresses differ in style, so make sure the one you have opted for can be worn to a wedding. To look smart, you can complement this red lace dress with a green full length jacket, now, that the jacket is of full length; wear a short lace dress which stops above the knees. Add value to this outfit with blue & green multicolored closed toe pumps and a peacock clutch bag. Accessorizing is not an option with this style; it is a must, so you can go for a bea necklace.

Option 2: If your still interested in lace dresses, but you find option 1 and our first idea featured in the set above not convincing, then opt for a short sleeve cream lace dress, get one which stops above the knees and complement it with a black classic collar short jacket and a glossy purse, the best shoes for this type of outfit are T-bar metallic sandals.

Option 3: If you’re reading this option, it gives me a clear picture that you didn’t like the other 2 options and probably one I featured in the set above. So, why do you try a paneled sateen, leather and lace dress, this type of dress features both leather and cotton fabric and a sleeveless style, it is a very unique dress but it looks good in black and white, complement this kind of dress with black pointed pumps and a black clutch.

Option 4: If you have not made a decision at this stage, then you need some thing different and versatile. So, let’s try a black and cream stripped belted maxi dress, opt for the one which fits your body, avoid wearing over-sized dresses, your cute figure will be hidden in an over-sized dress. Since this maxi dress has some cream stripes, let’s complement it with a cream lace blazer and cream lace satin ankle boots. Without doubt, you will look smart in this trend.


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  • ARTISTRY® Lip Gloss – Full Coverage :- bit.ly/15TrOq4
  • ARTISTRY® 3D Face Powder :- bit.ly/1eiPSw3
  • Mint Lace Dress :- bit.ly/17QHK05
  • Silk Organza Jacket :- bit.ly/18cTSut
  • Clutch – Red :-bit.ly/XIw5NG
  • Stiletto Pump :- bit.ly/18cTZGl



What To Wear To a Wedding - WEAR PANTS TO A WEDDING


If you’re not a wedding guest or a parent to the newly wed, but somehow you’re connected to the newly wed couple either as a friend, relative or workmate; you will have no limits on what to wear to their wedding. However, you need to dress in an appropriate manner so that you look fashionable but unique. To archive this uniqueness, you need to go for a versatile trend, some thing which can be worn even at the wedding reception but at the same time be worn at the church.

In this set, I have featured printed pants, you might find it wired to wear pants to a wedding, but if you opt for the right classy pants, I guarantee, you will be the designer of the day. In our set above, we have printed palazzo pants, these are free style casual pants which you can match with a white tank top and a black one button blazer, complement the outfit with black suede pointed slip-on pumps, and then match the black pumps with a cream tote bag.

It is very rare to find a woman in such outfit without spicing up their lips,. You can also do the same by wearing ARTISTRY® Lip Color featured in the set above; it will keep your lips moist and beautiful.



Option 1: If you don’t like the palazzo pants, then you might like twill trousers, they really look cool, if you complement them well, you will be unique and smart. This type of trousers look more like cropped pants, they stop above the ankle, so you can wear them with either flats or high heeled strap sandals. Let’s get a simple example; you can match a blue twill trouser with a yellow semi-sheer chiffon shirt which has an embellished collar. Match the outfit with a yellow chain link clutch and then conclude the outfit with a multicolor pump which features yellow/ pink and blue.

Option 2: Since you’re not the bride, you can wear a black and white cow printed pants to a wedding. These pants are casual in style, so they will look better if you wear them to the after party, but if you want to wear them to the church, you might need to wear them with a black / white blazer. If your still interested in styling black cow print pants, you can wear them with a black sleeveless blouse and complement the trend with yellow leather pumps, mixing yellow with black & white is fashionable, so don’t worry about color clashing. And then for the accessories, you can match this outfit with a black leather shoulder bag and a curb chain necklace.

Option 3: If you always want to dress and impress, then you need an outfit which can’t be worn by a person who’s not confident. Many times, some trends are too complicated to be worn by fashion newbie’s. So, why don’t you wear windowpane-check Capri pants to a wedding? These pants have a free style fitting but you need to complement them very well to look smart. For example, if the pants have black & brown check, you can wear them with a black ballet neck sweater with stones, and then complement the outfit with a white / pearl hem jacket. Conclude the outfit with a cream round toe pump which features black straps. To accessories this outfit, you can opt for a pearl / white straw fedora which has a black ribbon and a Black Hand bag. This outfit requires too much creativity because windowpane trousers are not easy to style.

Option 4:- If the above 3 options plus the one i featured in the set above didn’t work for you, then you better try this last option. You can wear a high waist flared trouser to a wedding, this type trouser has a wide leg at the bottom and it is tight from the top, the best colors can be black, grey , blue , purple, and white. If you opt for the black high waist trouser, you can match it with a white round neck blouse, and then complement the blouse with a floral blazer, the good thing is that black & white are both neutral colors, so any print of floral blazer will match with this outfit. You might not need pumps / heeled sandals for this trend, simply match it with black & white check flats and a black quilted bubble clutch.



  • ARTISTRY® Lip Colour :- bit.ly/15CMdyG
  • Pants :- bit.ly/1d6qB4b
  • Front Lace Sleeveless Top :-bit.ly/19IDn6P
  • Black Blazer :- bit.ly/18VkrQ4
  • High Heel Pumps :- bit.ly/1aD5NDC


What to Wear To a Wedding - Inspired by Camilleco

What to Wear To a Wedding – Inspired by Camilleco

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